18:30 Balotelli finally appeared at the headquarters

December 06 [Fri], 2013, 11:36
Balotelli took it in for the car after leaving dozens of inter fans already waiting outside the stadium, unless Massimo Moratti and his son was present to help Balotelli is likely to clash with fans. Inter did not wish to expand, Paolillo, Chairman of the interview, the answer is simple: "we will be punished. "While Mourinho get angry consumers," since 2008, after I came to inter, I'm always thinking of how to get along with the high talent player, and now Italy everyone understands, he had to forget this night staged an ugly Act. In any case, and he must play the game in Atlanta on Saturday, and I hope the fans will give him a chance, he knew how to play in a team. "Moratti of Balotelli out is highly restrained emotions," he was a kid,nike free 3.0 v5 ireland I think this night for Balotelli is also very useful. "And team captain Javier Zanetti believes that" it is difficult to assess a similar behavior, Mario still has a lot of things to figure out, he needs to learn to accept the boos of fans. ”

After the match the next day, the news pieces show Balotelli again awarded "Jin Mo Award", while Balotelli declined to be interviewed, and on Thursday, Balotelli's agent, layiaola, Balotelli will not have to apologize to fans: "why do we need to apologize? I think the fans should apologize to him. That night, fans don't respect his feelings, Mario from appearances on the bench, he is eager to play a ball, but every passing failure triggered boos. "" Destiny comes to an end. "When Mario Balotelli after the disappointing players, the fans and the Club, seems to be broken up between Balotelli and Inter Milan is a foregone conclusion. And Barcelona the day after the match, Balotelli is very busy. He and his fiancee, Betty and friends on the outskirts of Milan in Europe's second-largest amusement park attractions, nike free 4.0 v3 ireland as planned in the afternoon he visited the headquarters of the Gazzetta dello Sport for the former player bogenuowo's autobiography launch in Florence. Meanwhile, his agent layiaola to Inter Milan headquarters for talks with Moratti, have only one purpose: after having experienced a number of contradictions with the Club, Mario Balotelli eager to leave layiaola hope inter can Balotelli into the transfer market at the end of the season.

However, last year and move to different, Moratti did not want to immediately sell Mario Balotelli, but he calls Mario Balotelli incident "a suicide in public." Layiaola is obviously very dissatisfied with the sentence, he called Inter Milan technical manager responsible for signings Branca, whose ROAR almost everyone can hear: "look! Blanca, no! Or we want through legal means to escape. "18:30 Balotelli finally appeared at the headquarters of the Gazzetta dello Sport, coach Lippi had just left, the layiaola had to stand for two hours before a press conference. Reporters have been asking Balotelli problem, layiaola stressed, "you should ask the team to someone else, I don't understand why so many people unhappy with Balotelli at night on Tuesday, you will accept my teammates threats with his fist yourself? "Mario Balotelli sent bogenuowo a his signature Jersey," I as much as you one-tenth, I'm glad to meet you. "Bogenuowo Balotelli revealed long lost smile on his face. Facing reporters, Balotelli started to fight back, "I'm fine, I'm ready to become the best player in the world. Not because I make everything look really bad, my actions and ordinary young man almost, I don't feel stupid. You say that I laugh less? 80% of the time I have to face the camera, 20%, if you look at the rest of the time, you will understand that I am a cheerful person. "In response to a question about his future, Balotelli said," I don't want to say. ”
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