Guild Wars 2: mobile applications and new PVP mode

August 10 [Fri], 2012, 16:23
ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 "designer recently received the media interview,he talked about the purpose of the design of PVP is to let more players to enjoy the game and PVP is designed to release the skill-based, but not the equipment. Production team is focused on the production of the Conquest mode and they will design more patterns in the future.

The following is the latest interview :

Q: I think the A Sula (Asura) race is very interesting, both from their appearance or ethnic culture from the point of view is very attractive. Iwould like to know how did you designed?

A: A Sula is a race good at magic, at the beginning we want to make a crazy image of the Master, and then think of some of the portal to the races with the magical puppets and some floating castle feel it would be cool. Then A Sula was on the birth,as they do not look small and really strong, but with rich creativity.The A Sula's main city is called Rata in Sum Guild Wars 2 , a boulder floating in the air, A Sula built their cities on this stone.

Q: Will the game in the event will affect each player? Such as the incident one-stop killed the body has been placed in there, or the city was destroyed but still could see the ruins?

A: All events will affect the player, of course, you can choose to join or not to join when the incident occurred. Most of the event is a cycle, before miss the players can keep on playing.Copy of the story can only play it again (of course, or a copy can be repeated brush). When players complete the copy of the story, this role was marked completion of the underground city of Drama. Some major events and festivals events will forever change the appearance of the world, which we left with dynamic live group (Live team) to complete.

Q: During playing Guild Wars 1 I like to explore the continent of Cantha, and Elona. Guild Wars 2<buy guild wars 2 gold> "is a generation 250 years after the generation of a lot of things left behind in the 2nd generation do?

A: A lot of things from the generation 1 of will be fully extended to the 2nd generation. A generation of events, legends, history and legend will appear in the 2nd generation. If you are human, then you can elect was born in the country.

Q: official microblogging said "Guild Wars 2" are going to publish the mobile handset application software and web applications, when will it release exactly?

A: In Guild Wars 2 release when we do not do these applications, but after the sale, we will consider the player community collaborated in a powerful "heavy fighting" mobile application, which we later date, we now only concerned about how the game itself to do the best.

Q: Have you considering to develop more weapons and career? Or change the weapon skill?

A: To change the weapons in this area is not easy. Guild Wars 2 for each weapon corresponds to a unique set of fighting skills, so it is certainly a troublesome thing to add a new category of weapons, we have to design a way of fighting of new weapons. The present situation, unless the weapon is playing up, there are obvious problems, we will not add new weapons or replace weapons skills.

Q: A lot of players complain about the design is automatically reduced in the low-grade regional level, you have made what the balance of the design? Or you is how to guide novice players?

A: First, we redo the hint system, a new addition a prompt panel lists all the prompts in the game, if you miss any details, players can enter at any time to view. Even seen each prompt will get an achievement.
Secondly, we have make a very precise calculation to adjust to the rank automatically to ensure that all of the challenges encountered by the players is the current level can be completed. We are still have a few tests, observe the novice area, take a look at the piece of gathering the players up, and then summed up to a more reasonable solution to guide the novice players. Based on feedback and self-test, we add some to guide the nature of the contents of the novice area at each race.

Q: After i played two generations I found that PVP is very addictive. Do you have any goals in the design of PVP ? Have you received any helpful feedback of players?

A: Each of our employees have their own ideas for PVP, but the only thing to reach a consensus PVP must be easy to use, and fun, which is the target we do PVP . We try to make depth of PVP , but a lot of ideas before are still not reached. From player feedback, each test players are eager to become more involved in the PVP from the two measurements began, we have joined the tournament, players can team up to 55 confrontation. Later also joined from the friends list, invite friends to participate in a PVP game, and invite members to join the battle from the guild chat.

From the beginning of the three measurements, we added PVP queuing system, so players can single-row, do not have to group well in advance with the 5 teams to participate in the After that we will increase the PVP spectator mode, through the efforts we will battle 2 <guild wars 2 gold> "PVP made a fully functional system.

Q: Will you bring more PVP mode? Or do you think the current model are enough, you do not need to develop new?

A: development process, we discussed no fewer than 10 kinds of PVP mode to Deathmatch, Capture the Flag mode, then push puppet mode (two teams each team a road, trail a puppet, which squad first puppet pushed to the end which team win, you can refer to the large charge cart mode). Each mode has its own advantages, but in the end we feel that the most successful Conquest mode (Conquest). Therefore, we will devote to the development of the Conquest mode to the user interface is designed from the map. This is an important turning point in our design of the PVP, since we have around the Conquest mode design of PVP, as far as possible it is designed to be interesting. We may in the future by adding new PVP mode, but we still feel that this war around the team, go tactical PVP design would be more suitable for our game.

Q: Compared with 1,the fierce fighting skills in 2 seems to be less , do you think it would be easier (or harder) to balance the power of games?

A: It is useless to look at the number of skills, in fact, "Guild Wars 2 including 1000 skills, but these skills are precisely divided into several categories, that good to make a balance of the game. The impact will not be great since the skills changes due to the classification. Our game balance has been tested for a long time. There will not be any big problem.
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