so that the room is somewhat cold

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 15:45
[volume third & #xB7; Dragon universal]] Chapter 314th storm -- Qin B ō sat in his office, his hands holding a cup of tea.Since opened, boiler burning coal amount is reduced, so that the room is somewhat cold, the last two days and abnormal temperature drops, so the sea of the Qin Dynasty of B ō this two day of the cold, just make some sneeze, hurry and export hot cold.Cold to him is not a matter of Radix Isatidis, eat or even Hu ā Qingwen capsules by y-o.Out of the cold, and let him be a headache, that is a member of his players, Liu Baohua was beaten badly, but, in the city hospital ICU lying in bed for three days, still not out of danger.Yesterday, Qin B only to the county hospital is the Liu Baohua, once wind tourism Secretary of county Party committee, now, have become so haggard appearance, this let Qin B ō some sad.Liu Baohua's family told Qin B ō, caused such a situation is Ye Shaofeng.Ye Shaofeng ignored the law, ignoring the sea of the Qin Dynasty of B ō bud, publicly launched attacks black society.Liu Baohua's self reported no, they were beaten badly Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Outlet, but, until now, still not out of danger.Qin Hai B ō wonder, is it right? Should be severely punished Shaofeng leaves.Because, leaf Shaofeng n-ng to Liu Baohua, also n-ng to Liu Baohua in Wuan County for those political forces, the Qin sent, is a major loss.He leaves Shaofeng, not to Qin sent before, just do not give him Qin B ō face.Don't, this leaves Shaofeng want to rebel!Qin Hai B ō to help leaf Shaofeng, but, with the events about to add fuel, was not to Ye Shaofeng, he made a crime, to maltreat an injured person, destroyed the people's political future, also be other factions of a color s- have a look, he Qin sent what consequences.In the Qin Dynasty sent tumbling time, execute one as a warning to others move must be under.However, this move how, let the sea of the Qin Dynasty of B ō was a headache.Think n-ng leaf Shaofeng, is not the simple things.Qin Hai B ō although recent in Lu Yang City politics is not a significant mountain water leakage of the people, all the time since, hidden deep, the name does not turn through the pass, it is easy to ignore his hidden trouble.Lu Yang City in the political arena, the four factions, Qin pie is the small one, however Baby Canada Goose Outlet, has since, no one to shake the material they position.Qin Hai B ō know, Ye Shaofeng and Tang faction and the recent limelight strong poplar have indistinct relationship, so now, if one force to blade Shaofeng, the public is in and Tang sent against, poplar, far-reaching, it put up a pageantry of battle, he Qin sea B ō must not rashly to do, in the absence of confidence when, sea of the Qin Dynasty is always the sucker B only, never in a flagrant way.Qin Hai B ō officialdom for several years, to become Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor also has years of experience, theory, contribution, he thinks in Tang Aimin above, although the heart of Tang Aimin's superior has a lot of anger Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber, but he never show, so long time, has always been to Tang and tell, compliment is good, so that a lot of people think, Qin sent to decline, and even a lot of people think, Qin sent to Tang faction now.Qin Hai B ō so make every move only after mature deliberation of a person, never light a pie to move leaves Shaofeng, he even thought of the contact Commission for Discipline Inspection group.Appoint people had earlier and Qin sent not, because for the position of secretary of municipal Party committee.At that time, the surface is Tang Aimin and Taxation Bureau Director Li fight, Tang Aimin is certainly don piper's backing, and director Li have a commission for Discipline Inspection force t ng ì ji.Whether the Tang sent or discipline, then, are cutting edge l-, Tang Aimin and director Li contention, it is meet on on a narrow path.
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