if the home early

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 14:18
(thank you support......Thank you two rewards's support......Today some things, such as going out at night, if the home early, there will be second more, if you come back late, is sorry...)Rao is Wang Hengxiao as if one rises from the dead, is still very sensitive, on this topic is very feel shy, little face red."Mother, wife and son......"Two-year-old sister now is the most curious, what all want to ask why.Wang Hengxiao added: "the daughter-in-law to eat."Parents and uncle laughed.One family together happy to say for a while, uncle went back, let Wang Hengxiao family at noon to go to their home for dinner."Skimming off the child, you give mom said ha son, you hear that cotton prices to rise, which is to say?"Is very concerned about the mother has been to Wang Hengxiao's words, this is so in the past, although there is opposition, but as long as Wang Hengxiao decide things, mother would not oppose, will only use the home support.But, mother always says, family's son, you are a person, the home is your arm up, to bear.Compared to the honest part of the father, the mother has a lot of ideas and thoughts.To Xinjiang in the past few years, both work in the factory, the mother has been thinking of change, to have their own way, better than working for others, but also do cooly Canada Goose Womens Whistler Sale.The blind man said "home, left child disease will luck comes, say can definitely help."The mother is very believe this.My father rolled up a running-in smoke, pumped up, soft-voiced way: "in the factory work not fruit good, to farming do son, if lost how to do?"This year, in the northwest land is at a loss, in addition to the Corps who is to sow the land according to the task, the other farmers are some kinds of wheat grain, because even if sells do not go out, also can eat their own, no income, but also to keep the mouth.Wang Hengxiao will be the sister with the sitting on the bench, hold sister two fleshy hands, said: "father, big daddy said, this factory this year has been losing money, certainly not for long.We may not always here......Earlier than herself......"If it is a few days ago, little Wang Hengxiao to express their views in the development of the whole house to question, definitely to be father stared at several eyes, then ignore his words.Wang Daguo is compared to the.A clap!Said: "get, next year we're farming, cotton, brick factory, also dry, wait until after the next year."The king country decided.In fact, the ten thousand dollars he felt emboldened or Wang Hengxiao, thinking it is white, it to be a farmer Canada Goose Yorkville.This time, farming investment little, especially cotton this loss of economic crops, not race basically, every mus of ground investment is two hundred yuan.............At noon, when you go to a dinner uncle home, Wang Hengxiao's father Wang Daguo and uncle about this matter."Cotton, to be honest, these a few years the whole and Hui Xiang, have no several race of cotton, the loss......Fertilizers, seeds, thin films, and the water, come down one year, an acre of land at least two hundred or three hundred."Uncle hesitated to say: "however, package is very cheap, as long as twenty dollars an acre."Whether it is the uncle, or the house of Wang Hengxiao, he is no more, to sow the land, you have to buy Men's Canada Goose Citadel, or from others home pack down, also is the rent."Fortune teller said I left home, the house ran well, life is so smooth, says must be true.If the next year to the cotton price is really the price......Don't speak up a lot, rose two yuan, to earn thousands of dollars......"Daddy had calculated brushstroke Zhang in the bottom of my heart.In the factory work, Dad a month's salary is $four hundred.Uncle slightly higher, six hundred.A year's wages is five thousand or six thousand, in addition to food and clothing to live with what, to the end of the year, the hands are two thousand or three thousand blocks down on the good.So, Wang Hengxiao this year is really sick, almost home foundation are emptied.Father hesitated this investment, is really a reason, if the loss, the company may be in trouble.
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