As hunting animals has become restricted

September 30 [Mon], 2013, 15:32
Fur is widely wore more in the colder region, it was invented by man during stone age, he need something to protect from cold wind, snow, rain and even insect bites, fur is found naturally in animals which live in colder region, fur comes in different colour, mainly it is white or black but textile designers give different shades depending on the choice of their customers.

As hunting animals has become restricted, artificial fur has been introduced by several major brands, but natural fur has its own beauty and its organic, not made from plastic or chemical compound, natural fur trends to be very expensive and it needs proper care, it should be stored in low humidity at room temperature, NYC fur storage company gives solutions to store your expensive fur clothing so it last forever.

In 2011 all major Fashion houses in Paris and Milan have something to offer for fur lovers in their latest designs, from fur coats, jackets, stylish fur pants, bright color fur boots, and much more. Natural fur being expensive it great gifting clothing to your girlfriend or loved ones, many people are not comfortable with spending so much money to buy fur clothing polo Ralph Lauren which would be technically be wore in winter only, there are options where you don need to buy fur clothing you can just hire the clothing of your size from one day to months and return back any time, NYC fur rental can help you with their wide selection clothing designed for 2011 fashion trends, by renting fur clothing you have advantage to wear different new styles, you no longer need to wait for any occasion to wear fur clothing, one can wear fur clothing from casual to formal, designer short fur jacket can be wore Ralph Lauren pas cher with great pair of slacks at office as well. If you are going for a pub in winter wearing fur jacket with low waist jean pants and fur shoes would make you look special.

Some of the major designers who have introduced fur clothing for 2011 winter are Zuki, Vera wang, zac posen, bill blass, anna sui, Ralph lauren, but remember renting Fur clothing is not a bad idea as well.