Dima fired lead Special Olympics 130,000 a week, British media: no wonder he can't wait to return

November 13 [Wed], 2013, 15:33
Ronaldo scored three in the last beat Real Sociedad 5-1, this is his 23rd hat-trick for Real Madrid, 19 of them in La Liga, and he also is the largest since 2009 in La Liga hat-trick player, look at La Liga history, his hat-trick just behind Sara and in the number of Di-Stefano 22 times. In addition, Ronaldo Liga total increased from 162 balls, side-by-side footballers in Primera Liga total shooter 14th. Due to his service into the 1 grain of free kicks, so with this remember, Ronaldo Real Madrid career has been added to the 20 grain free kick beyond effectiveness Ronaldinho free kick to score when Barcelona (19) times. La Liga 16 goals, means that Ronaldo is Lionel Messi scoring twice. The hat-trick against Real Sociedad, Ronaldo on this season's European golden boot list first. Ronaldo Liga 16 balls, multiplied by a factor of 2,nike free 4.0 v3 womens with 32 points, Lithuania baersijisi scored 27 League Ball, but a factor of 1, so only 27 points. Diego-Costa scored 13 goals, multiplied by a factor of 2, 26 points. In the hands of the top five League scoring, Lewandowski Mariusz 9 goals scored 18 points, Rossi of Florence 9 goals in 18 minutes, Lionel Messi, situliqi, Luis Suarez, 8 ball, 16 minutes, compared to these human beings are temporarily unable to keep Ronaldo.

On November 21 last year, a Chelsea official Special Olympics announced that Dima class. Count it, Dima Teo left Chelsea for almost 1 year, but the Italy coach is still not thought of coming out again, why? British newspaper daily mail said because they have higher incomes! According to reports, Chelsea weekly Dima Special Olympics to pay salaries of up to 130,000 pounds, which is a very high figure. The post quipped Roman Abramovich has again become a pig in a poke, it's no wonder that Dima Teo in no hurry to find a new job. Fired former owners receive high wages, this should be a wonderful news, and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich once again external cancel object: who made you so like to change coach now? Is called, there is fruit for a reason, he tries to spend this kind of money is totally on its own debt, after all, no one seems to think he should be fired last year Andy Matt. Fans, many times publicly supported Andy, Matt, and even the Chelsea players do not want Dima so leave, Captain John Terry openly emblazoned with Andy in training Matt training suit of the uniform number, in order to express support for Dima Special Olympics.

In this website, posted neimaer. "Messi is a very easy to tear a defensive player, but Martino had to shift his responsibilities to me and CESC Fabregas who, because he believes Messi can get hurt at any time. "Neimaer said," I do not miss Messi is out of the question, because I've been to Barcelona. My dream is and Macy's partner, nike free 3.0 v5 mens not so quickly took the banner of the Barca attack. "" Messi is at a stage seems vulnerable, we must remember who he previously had two muscle injury, but he played too many games in recent years. But he has won four Golden Globes, and a lot of the Golden Boot award, his presence always put us at ease. "Neimaer said," but when an injury occurs, it may be related to his huge body can burn in recent years, he is easily hurt. Even without Lionel Messi, we will continue to move forward, we will continue to play attractive football, and continued to win the Championship. ”
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