hearts as tempestuous waves generally

October 17 [Wed], 2012, 11:35
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 358th chapter headshot Ye Yifan looked at the hillock class day Chuan shadow hearts as tempestuous waves generally Fanyong up ,this time Ye Yifan are one hundred percent sure can take post day in life .
In repeated hand up and down ,Hachi Fan decided to give up this opportunity .It is now out to post the day in the life ,but to kill Kong class Sichuan, later will inevitably follow his brother into a public .
The world weapon is nothing ,not Cologne master seven arms of any kind .The world terrible weapons is a stray bullet .The bullet is a battlefield in the flying bullets and shells of the skin .
The flying bullets is the most horrible life of reaping machine .Because there was no way to prevent this kind of thing .There are many master died in the enemy guns ,but died in that no target flying things .
Ye Yifan is confident in this place out alive ,but Liu Bin these people how to do ,who can not guarantee that they will be able to leaf out here safe and sound .After all these Liu Bin hand is too tall ,strapping body means that the target ,a stray bullet hit them more easily .
How to say them Liu Bin is also from come all this way for leaf Yifan ,Ye Yifan felt he could not forget Liu Bin these people die ,you have no conscience .And now there with Shinoda Takeshi ,but leaves a not very concerned about Shinoda Takeshi life ,but no matter how that now people also employers ,if they are under the protection of the employer is what happened to Liu Bin ,their fame will also cause certain effect ,or Ye Yifan Shinoda Takeshi die ?Is said to come with the phantom group negotiation ,but Ye Yifan finds the negotiations for two person to sit together to eat a hot pot and mutual be angry and fierce look ,after we parted company .
This is also called the talks? If it can be called a talks with Liu Hao ,the leaves where they usually at night in the bar to eat fart not knock can be classed as a permanent member of the United Nations talks UGG Highkoo Clearance.
There is no progress with Shinoda Takeshi Ye Yifan and others be ablaze with anger on the car ,to get in the car and Shinoda Takeshi on the one who said : Mr. Ye ,you see this man, we want you to deal with what he .
Then we will put his details to you, as long as you can kill him, $two hundred million is yours ! Mr. Shinoda, please rest assured Air Max 87 Shoes,I see his first glance feel very unhappy, he dare so arrogant to your speech ,is really a little act recklessly and blindly .
In three days I will let him disappear from this world . Ye Yifan said of the three day is in fact a maximum time limit ,he hates not now armed to the post class day Chuan to do .
The old leaves behind ,we have several tail Northface Men's 3 In 1 Sale,how to deal with? In the Ye Yifan and Shinoda Takeshi YY how to make Kong class day Chuan died, sits in the copilot Liu Bin suddenly turns to ask .
Ye Yifan stretched out his head and looks at the car mirror ,behind them is really someone followed ,but there are several cars .Ye Yifan smiled and said to Shinoda Takeshi : Mr. Shinoda ,it seems from our gang class day Chuan hands he was unable to hold oneself back preparation towards us .
Eight teeth Road ,this motherfucker ,I also want to save his life and let him live a long time ,who knows that he should be so act recklessly and blindly .Foliaceous gentleman ,please all on you and Mr.
Liu ,these people I don back alive UGG Kids Boots Sale,can you help me get rid of it . I have decided to talk to post the day in battle, so Shinoda Takeshi felt this time can weaken the other party a forces will weaken a .
I not good at playing battle of assault fortified positions, this point you should ask Liu Bin .Liu ,do fall behind the tail no problem ? Ye Yifan clapped Liu Bin on the shoulder and asked .
Soeasy !Babby the north face,killing time ! And Liu Bin blew a whistle and then ran his hand made some gesture .One of Liu Bin see Liu Bin gestures after opened his big mouth silent laugh ,they quickly will own suit off ,then his body already dressed in combat uniforms .
After these people in the Ye Yifan and Shinoda Takeshi terrified gaze from the car nooks and inside out the every kind of heavy weapon ,of course, are some parts .But these parts in these big hands after just a few seconds becomes can reap life .
my ,I know why they put the car known as the castle ,so it not only defense ridiculously high ,and there is also loaded with lots of weapons . Thinking Ye Yifan stretched out his hand and caught Liu Bin threw a desert eagle .
But while Shinoda Takeshi is holding hands in a rod Gatlin in a daze .According to Liu Bin orders his men drove the car slowly away from the downtown began to suburban place .While they were those in the rear tail saw the car was so fit out of downtown, was also happy with the behind .
Not long after the car behind the roof opens ,a carrying rocket from the roof below slowly put your head out ,begin at the same time in the hands of the bazooka aimed at Liu Bin in their car .
Oh ,Mr. you think quickly ,they have a bazooka ! Look at each other with vitality so huge arms Shinoda Takeshi was not calm . Liu ,think way, our employers feel that his life was under threat ,now is the embodiment of value of time for you .
Of course, if you think that your car can withstand the other hand rocket attack .I have no comments . Ye Yifan had a big effort to save Shinoda Takeshi from being pulled down and then turned to Liu Bin .
OK ,Joseph ,and I take back the bazooka man ! Liu Bin wanted to also feel this car terrorist withstand rocket destroyed .Even be able to hold down ,but Liu Bin doesn car by a little damage .
Joseph received command directly from the roof drill out ,and his hand was holding a anti-materiel sniper rifle .Almost no surface even aim ,directly after Joseph outcrop is a gun .
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