use your fist but not the mouth

October 24 [Mon], 2011, 20:49
One vintage song make me filled with the passion .Sometime when we are like the sheep under the pressure for the strong power .And it is usually one kind sick people who make us feel it is really sad to become one person like this .We keep hiding and keep escaping .But finally make you even hurt by the strong power .The strong power can be a force , also can be a man .And what we do is use your fist but not your mouth .Once you have fought back .These things would never happen again .That is the Tapout clothing told us in their clothing .
Mouth is used for speaking and sometime it may work when some trouble happened .We never fight first .But we never say we would never fight .We should use our power to protect our honor and the respect .So we have to use our fist .The player of the UFC usually teach us how to be strong and the become a warrior in our lives .And never abandon and keep hard working that is what we want to own for the life .
The life is a way .We choose how to walk the way .And we decide what we should do with the troubles .Now this time I would never be the weak sheep any more .We are the wolves .We do not hunt but we would use our all power for protecting .
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