came in behind wearing armor Satsuki

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 16:07

> Hear this, Liu wind, a cold heart, which was known as Li, head of the old man who can be so outspoken in Tahan towards actually so say the three words 'kill LIU Ji', more importantly, LIU Ji hatred he know how? feeling. Www,UGG Women's Caspia, QUAnben, CoM look at this first! . This is actually make Zhanlu! Whether sectarian or royal, has its own guardian, Guardian is the existence of a unique, constraints which the regulations are not merely the guardian of the forces of life and death will be a helping hand extended, and the rest of the time they are relying on their willingness to act, who command not ignore. Zhan Lu and Yuan Hong is the battleground,Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Outlet Sale, the two code, they are military strategists guardian, but as far as before the big elders said, the two Venerable elusive, Zhanlu together 15 years ago, Liu Yin missing The deep rainbow even more earlier than 20 years ago, we did not trace. Now in their hands is a Zhanlu order Liu Wind stupid to know that the front of the mysterious Lee head is the disappearance of the Venerable! Confirmed their minds, and Liu wind moment face a slight look of shame, a lot of effort, it is no wonder the group of old devil will military strategists to you Later sat down at the table, cross legs, reach for that tea cup lid touched teacup, The old lady, can tell the old lady this time you purpose to it? A little disappointed after listening to Lee head and face, Lee head asked some embarrassing, so ah! see Lee head how can you miss! face became fast, Liu wind not only the hearts of shame, is it like Botong old elf? But his mouth Young Laogui should Yang concept, relations between the two seem very deep, but loyal to the Han Dynasty, and the other is the direct opening to ask yourself is not going to kill the Prince of Han Dynasty, which touches Liu Wind I feel very messy. After a while of the two conversations,Air Griffey Max, Lee head palace looked at the sky, those old monster with some of my friendship will not intervene in this matter you abducting a running time should give your kid a good planning, do not give the old man a shame! behind Liu wind stopped him, you are not really dead the really is a guilingjing.! old man and Liu Yin that brats relationship thing Zhang Miao and others immediately rushed into the house, see Liu Wind who was all blood, suddenly alarmed, three personnel explained until Liu wind settled down. Etc. changed clothes after bathing, Liu wind things just told Zhang Miao and Sun Mo fly, they hear somewhat happy, head of the emergence of Lee not only allow them to more than one master, but also can eliminate the Han palace master troubles This is how that does not make them happy? Liu wind again asked detailed look at the outside, Zhang Miao these two days to inquire about the DPRK and things to Liu Wind says a lot. Liu Fengsi cable moment laughed, physical condition, we have to keep in mind, I hope the above will not be found flaws Duan Shi brothers moves go elsewhere, civil and military struggle of the Han Dynasty, obviously did not achieve what we want chaos. these two days Narinaga let you with the door publicity Yu Ai's condition, This Han Dynasty people we have unpleasant, but the tragic thing where there will be contagious, there may be unexpected results. Liu wind turned his head and looked at Mo Fei Sun Yat clear, these two days you've worked hard, but take the opportunity you want the hands of the officers and men of the bloody stimulate critical moment have to rely on them. jade groom below those bastard mustering the enthusiasm, when they certainly do not say, absolutely will not hesitate to kill liberal! Man proposes, God looked at the two men, Liu wind sighed, Followed by two days, Liu wind is still pretending to be dead, sent people to send a letter to Yang Nian, the latter back to the Lee head to go after've never been, after his treatment, the body of toxic Liu wind was ranked the most,nike air max sale, but still some residual skill now only seven to eight percent before the appearance, she was anxious, but Liu Wind know the recovery of this body is not half past one can be reached, could only admit to. SUN Yu Ai Zhang Miao miscellaneous home in the city of Chang'an spread the message seriously ill and not much effect, but also sacrificed several miscellaneous home disciples, open to LIU Ji began to block the news! Chang'an city is still celebrating the one to celebrate the upcoming Prince's wedding, but some members of the court was therefore live in fear, especially those physician who, because Sun Yu Ai pulse is weak as the next moment we must stop general. LIU Ji seize power because Sun Yu Ai out things corpuscles also a lot of momentum toward the civil and military competition between the natural fall down, this time Sun Yu-Ai has become the focus of everyone. LIU Ji felt his heart all day suppressed bunch of fools! Loss also known as your country Kathrine, not even small acclimatized cure! The emperor anger the following courtiers would have bad luck, the imperial doctor orders, and others at this time is most fortunate to be the case before the line and out of, because now replace their people are the LIU Ji to break into the the Zhao Yu the death penalty area, as long as they are individuals are aware that they will no doubt kill. Looked up, found that the night is about to fall to the, Liu wind patted swollen head, tomorrow is the last day, all in tomorrow! Suddenly hear some outside noise, and a little while to see Liu wind Zhang Miao came in behind wearing armor Satsuki children. The see Satsuki children, Liu wind hearts burst of inexplicable joy, but looked at her face tired, suddenly had an unspeakable distressed, stepped forward and rubbed the dust of her face, you. wind brother, toxic your body is not completely good, need to adjust interest rates for a while. cattle fork like smiles. Wanted to amuse the Satsuki children happy, I did not realize that this little girl has suddenly tears could not stop the flow down, scared Liu wind overwhelmed, only to hug her into his arms. Wind brother, how do you like this, if something happens, you let me how to do? Looked at the girl's arms so sad, Liu wind only kept pressing, and not the next, last again and again to ensure that, before she no longer cry. In the Satsuki children to wash when Zhang Miao entered the room looked Liu wind, hesitated for a moment, said, the Scorpion's another group not to, presumably months children worry too much about him, so only throw off the they worked overnight , Liu wind hearts again, not the taste. Month child wash finished freely eat something, and Mo Fei Sun also came to the house, tomorrow is a moment of suspended animation by Sun Yu-Ai, tonight must come up with plans to. Qi Xiu, Lu Brother When did you come? also too is suffering. <

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