heart recognized Buyiburao mouth

July 20 [Sat], 2013, 15:35
> Four hundred seventy eight chapters Qin ruined anyway, Ren Xi is all right, for the entire Lee is a good thing, however, out of such a thing, and therefore hurt Lee's grandson, Lee home must be made to make the already fierce counterattack offend people pay a painful price, but also thought to offend thus deter people, so that they fear. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM it happen more than a day after the time, Lizhong Ji met too many people, but also played a lot of calls, and people explore all aspects of how to deal with this matter, after all, although Qin the decline may also have a certain strength, in order to achieve the purpose of the hearts Lizhong Ji, somehow some cooperation and trade-offs. [All in search for the latest updates. Lzh. Saw Lizhong Ji original look awfully much in the face once again become somewhat gray defeat, either Xi heart some uncomfortable, let Li Yuan Zhi escorted him to sit down and whispered: "Grandpa, this kinds of things not worry, they will not escape I'm not good to you, if you too busy body how to do? "Lizhong Ji Ren Xi one looked pleased," Silly boy, my grandfather did not as fragile as you think, you just feel at ease The keep a good hurt became. "Li Yuan Chih see the two of them are in the care for each other, nose acid," You two are an old trouble, a year is so big, do not ever let people worried. "Lizhong Ji Li Yuan Zhi put in her arms touched her head, laughed:" Well,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, well, little princess, then we have to listen to some good will not let you worry. "coax Lee Chih-Yuan let her go outside to prepare lunch for two people, Lizhong Ji was slowly put any of you want to know about Xi and Qin Qin Jin simply say things a bit. Zhang Qin Jin who was caught after a rather Zhanglao did not immediately kill him, but immediately and Lizhong Ji contacted, half an hour later, the King put crashed also caught, Lizhong Ji and Zhanglao that What people Shenhen under the king put not a few recruited. Evidence of iron get our hands on, whether it is Zhanglao or Lizhong Ji, do not miss the meaning of Qin, Zhanglao is ruined Qin said that as long as he could do anything, it is too far Qin, had things out After Qinlao just want to cover, and even come to the argument are not, at this time, it is no wonder Zhanglao up to kill. Thus, Lizhong Ji on and began to contact a congregation Zhanglao weighty old man, after all, is not a small matter, it is necessary to blow up, but have to calm the outside is not an easy thing, all aspects should be taken into account, but also a good distribution of benefits, many people envious, pocketed is impossible. However, I was not against it, it is just too dry Qin Jin people may feel cold, this guy is too speak rules, in a large clan, even if there is any dispute, we absolutely do not Kill the whole person, unless it is not a total DAI Tian enemy. At that time people like Li Jianghai province in sudden big thing, and Wang and Chen Zigeng no how, even Wu Zhi Wen Xi although any fights, but also no one really under the dead hand, those so-called nirvana can not be used, these are the rules. Qin Jin is not the same, for a woman, this guy has killed three, one of which is the third generation of the most prominent Zhang, and do not have the slightest than the Li Li Zhengxing inferior, that's Zhanglao's heartstrings. Now, this guy started thinking about going to kill any of the Xi, even going once killed two, this is simply lawlessness, if you do not have a say, even after that the rules do not, they might kind of thing Tandao him how to do their families, who have an emotional quarrel is not the time. Even the supreme heart has gas, he can also give him a hope of any Xi hard to missing arm broken leg automobile industry to truly get perfect, what are you booing, directly under the dead hand, so, Lizhong Ji Chuan to the above message when the person in charge of the office phoned comforted Lizhong Ji a pass, and then said some severely punished, will not be tolerated. Trend, Qin Jin is dead, this is no objection, but let Qin said Zhanglao ruined a bit more difficult, but also a get Qin, Qin family's eldest son, though because the last thing the country is not on the sub-grade, can also detract from the ministerial level, while other family members and relevant interest groups are also a lot of people. Again, the whole people have a bit too hard material injury Tusihubei its class feeling, although everyone knows that Qin was wrong, wrong, wrong is available Father and Qin Jin Qin, Qin Qin Department of family and home of people who did nothing wrong. Zhanglao it is insisted, and finally, the old man came up with a bunch of resolutions that allow the Qin family is ruined, and that an officer who Qin future is over, and the Department of Qin forces have to give these old guys together to divide up . This is the most co Zhanglao mind, of course, the guys together these pious mind, such a big piece of meat, each bite is very fat, but poor Qin, Qin Jin as a person, and perhaps Qin Father love their grandchildren, so spoiled, even the right to protest publication points are not, is not thought Qin revolt, or is bleeding for mercy, but the four divisions nowhere to turn, no one helping hand at this time, but Some already see the machine faster faction cadres started to move early thoughts. Ren Xi is not a compassionate person, although a good heart, but people wanted to kill him, and this time there will not be natural compassion, put it crudely, Qiu had been hired, and then a look but let mercy people think you are loading. Listening Lizhong Ji simple exposition of any Xi drying natural smile, "to push everyone down the wall, and if I had known this is so, the Qin family Father will pay out early to this guy, but, in this world there is no regret medicine to take." afternoon, when Ren Xi sleep woke up, Bai Zhonghuai they have come, but also, Ge Fei and Zhang Jingwei actually are,Oakleys M FRAME Sunglasses, Ren Xi can not help but tease the sentence: "Miss Mayfair determined, and not think you cared so much about me . "Ge Fei Staveley, see any of the Xi lying in bed, did not make the hands and feet, but still ugly words:" I came to see you dead and gone, who knows you still alive and kicking, but added disappointment borne. "Zhang Jingwei twist Her ears were snapped up one: "The dead girl, this time a Haizui so smelly, people where they are offended you." Ren Xi is in a good mood to say the phrase, "I have to die to die behind you, Not want to see you play, but the fear of premature death you see me, miss me when gripping pain, struggled to live, so I might as well be the kind of suffering. "Ge Fei Zhou Zhao nose and spit a mouthful:" Bah, this lady will miss you, do your spring dream go, if you die now I immediately went outside to set off firecrackers to celebrate it. "Huang Ke Zhang Masato really hear any of the Xi, then, eyes light up, "small bosses really affectionate person, you just said that sentence if the change in scenario, I'm afraid that they have to make a beautiful lady have embraced." to him say this, all the talent carefully taste a bit, I feel really So, if you really hard heart lover, this is really amazing feelings and choices, these days are thinking about the other side longevity, but do not, if you miss living people into the illness, but also how the tough. Ge Fei heart recognized Buyiburao mouth is, "Cut, this kid will know the little girl with the words deceive nothing all day, rhetoric, and quit down to business." Ren Xi fooling ignore her, turned around and asked Bai Zhonghuai, "things have to get the loan of it, and there ** sister said they did not." Bai Zhonghuai nodded, "all set, so you need not worry ** lady, had her wisdom to think of Miss America come back to see you, just a come too far, and secondly things busy, they would let me to tell you that make you feel at ease and recuperate. "Ganqiao, just stop here, Ren Xin took the phone over, say the yellow ** phone, we are very good grace, even Vera Ge Fei Zhang also gave out and took it, and yellow ** it asked about his situation, knowing better, they put a heart, she and Ren Xi Now really than the pro siblings also pro, do not want to have any surprises Xi Ren, Ren Xin call was heard when the heart are almost out of the question. Two people Shuiliaoyihui, Starry America to pick up in the past, his voice obviously wrong, appears to be no less frightened and worried, either Xi good comfort for a moment, then complain opened Starry America, "all day long fights, nor know that there are so many people care about, even to the company, you have to good. "said, crying again. Three days later, caregivers who are scattered, and the summer was rainy Mei Huang Qian Qian Cream There are also back, leaving Li Yuan Zhi and Ren Xin according Guren Xi also stayed here, but this day, Qin Jin's case is closed when the very fast, we put the interests of good points, the Qin powerless, waiting for the natural Qin Jin is dead. Heard that the death penalty is actually Zhanglao, but he insisted on going to do, personally went to the execution ground pressing this guy, and this guy shot himself open, and Qin Father saw this spot angry vomiting, back then we only have a half life. But surprisingly,Christian Louboutin Wedges Outlet, perhaps understand his wish, Zhanglao go back that evening called off family who arrange the funeral, we are pleased dies and wanted to run out of all these years of effort, it touches on so people distraught. On the same day, New York is still the morning, Huang and Li Hui Mei ** second time they went to see the representatives of Citibank and First Boston, the loan thing, but this time the limit lowered from the original ten billion Only four billion dollars into U.S. dollars only. A start was intended either Xi just going to get ten billion dollars from the country, and did not expect the same four major state-owned banks and the East Bank, Minsheng Bank signed amounted to nineteen billion dollars in financing contracts, with this later, Li Hui Mei Wong ** and they have been emboldened enough to soar, while Citibank and First Boston heard a start I heard ten billion dollars, they have just the right foot of the gesture, they may also know that Pfizer intends to acquire Warner Lambert Companies things, intends to blackmail a good opportunity. Can now become a four billion dollars, which for a large group or even Xicheng Pfizer is now running well, it really would not be considered a thing, Citibank representatives waves * husband initially thought yellow ** joke, and finally determined, was immediately keen on the idea, naturally, made to do things middlemen, after all, that is the biggest money to make. Just yellow ** flatly refused, then everyone in the confrontation, not only to talk about the problem of interest on loans, but also to talk about the problem of middlemen and, finally, wave * husband agreed to Wuli interest loans, but to the identity of middlemen . But the yellow ** or disagree, the day had gone, because it is not overnight, we are more than patience and negotiation wrestling. However, yellow ** home, Steve heard a rumor that shameless initiative to come to, and twenty billion dollars suddenly became four billion, although Huang ** does not say, you can also understand Steve things have changed, but if the boondoggle think this vote, he would have to beat the boss at a few battered. Refused to face, face this thing sometimes can not, but, yellow ** not give him even the doors open, but fortunately Caisen suffer, but let the sensibilities into the house, but the door still did not give yellow ** him well, "yo, this is not Steve do, today the wind that blew put you came to this great man." Hey Steve just giggle, etc. ** yellow face good point, only Tian Zhelian approached apologize: "Oh, Barbara junior sister apprentice, and the last is a misunderstanding ah, then I could not help it, you know I was a work too, but I fought back immediately for." See Yellow ** ignore him, and immediately throw out a good condition: "Barbara, I have to fight the bosses most favorable conditions, that is, as long as the Wuli interest, and that the seat and the future investment brokers to share, how?" This is indeed considered a good condition, after all, future investment is still very weak, if there is just something about Clairol ability, but the acquisition of Warner Lambert is not only a huge amount of things, of which there are too many of these joints need their giant investment community who force, if future investment to join in, slowly accumulating power and contacts is the best solution. However, Steve Wong ** knowing that when moving, she is cold, said the sentence: "For these, ah, then you can go, and the United States we are negotiating with First Boston." If yellow * * They are the first contact First Boston and Citibank, then the representative Steve Goldman Sachs, Morgan and other consortium embarrassed snatch, may Xi City Group is their first contact with Steve, and even then interrupted and did not close the door, Steve how they will give it up, not to mention, Sunrise City Group has been cooperating with them well, these two years can be described as Goldman Sachs and other three consortia largest customer, such a relationship if broken, Steve I'm afraid to be a lot of criticism. Steve's no way to force, bite the bullet, but also threw out a bait, "Barbara, I know you both during the Clairol acquisition, so be it, that thing we help you to settle, and , brokers still your position, revenues also owned by your company. "<
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