Wu won vigorously a joker

June 08 [Sat], 2013, 12:30
> Feng Long's brow wrinkled up gradually, with his Destroyer II forces, actually simply stifled joker, there is the feeling against being suppressed, this woman's leg strength is really quite amazing! Behind the sharp piercing sound so surprised not help Joker, a bite Yinya suppress Feng Long legs of a force of arms, the whole person is like a spring-like force through this unit sky! Next head, legs and play, like the wings of an albatross. WWw. quANBEn. Com a red red fan Daomang her previous position in flash! Draw off a few of her long head. Wu win raised his head, precisely and joker pair Xiemei in their eyes in together. Short moment, Wu won inexplicable heart felt shocked! It was a strange feeling tell Road, unknown. This feeling he had had one. That is, when the initial encounter Long Feng. Joker landing at the moment, only the toes touching the ground slightly, thighs a stretch! It is like the body is compressed normal again soon bounce! A beautiful forward somersault, loose white practice pants are wind blows, legs and shoved his head toward the weapons to win severely smashed down! Wu Tian Linggai position to win a burst of feeling cold, the body rapidly bent, arms lifted up, arm armor choking sound became a diameter of one meter expanded metal buckler! Peng! ! Great impetus to the oppression from the head down! Wu won the teeth and support him, hamstring a soft, tom bang kneel down! Knee smash the hard cement pavement, feeling his arms to win that arm almost completely lost consciousness! Joker again by this force, a force the waist, and then a backflip firmly squatted on the ground, palms hold the ground, the body shoved a spin! Her one leg squat on the ground as a fulcrum, while the other leg is like sickle-like arms toward your feet win sweep of the past! At this time, her silver-white metallic combat boots on a green pattern gradually becomes brighter, the sweep of her degree approaching the extreme, even just to win the retina in the arms left a faint, white and green fan-shaped blur. Wu wins face suddenly soared on the veins, dark eyes, like two like wildfire Hongmang no sign of light! The Joker's legs in his eyes finally clear instantiated out incomparably clear trajectory. Wu won the Ripper instantly shorten long knife, Peng is heard, and shoved the sharp tip inserted into the ground! Joker's foot sweep in the Ripper slender blade of a long knife. Om! ! Giant blade flutter! Wu won a tiger's mouth feels numb, almost lost control handle! Joker sweep to this kick that elasticity knife body, through the stretch turn again! Body stood up, kicked reverse toward Wu won pumping over! Feng Long rushed up this time, arm cocked, like a large shield-like side stand in front! Peng! Feng Long artificial muscles suddenly deformed or even cracking! Some tough fibrous tissue fracture simulations the open. Wu won two steps back, fiercely gritted his teeth, joker's tough degree almost his imagination, her strong grasp of the battle rhythm and exquisite flexible legs allow martial law to win a headache incomparable. Joker then leveraging a turn! Body like a lithe swallows, flying ten meters in places outside of the foot of a small circle of dust,Oakley M FRAME Cheap, splashes, independent of her leg, graceful incomparable. Feng Long looked at his watch and said quietly, "novice, our time is running out, little white stopped them up to half an hour, do not forget, the other in the city's power is also very strong." "I know . "Wu won deep breath, look certain. Lightly, "Feng Long, you go and watch the guy is still alive No," he took two steps forward, arms raised, Ripper is still a meter long knife knife shape, he gently dumped twice , blades flashing in the sun, "I came to stopping her." Feng Long hesitated, then slowly moving down the bridge had been dumped into a mass of bodies smashing scrap limousine walked past. Wu won the cold eyes looked joker, while the heart was gradually raised up. But the surprise is, joker never even see Feng Long one, do not even care whether he be the car owner unfavorable, just interesting to see the opposite martial win. "You think you can stop me?" Joker that lavender mouth raised, "Why?" Wu win exhaled breath, chest rhythmically with a Fu Zhao, that pure black eyes in the middle of Hongmang jumping, morphological terrible to the extreme. Hold the handle arm he got me back, while the other hand index finger and thumb and pinch the blade position, clinging to the body like a huge sphere, covered muscles are crawling around, an like a surging wave-like power savings up, it is like a volcano about to explode spray! Joker two nice eyebrows wrinkled up, she wants to stop, but it is already too late. "Ha!" Wu wins shouted, the cosine of the whole person is like a lever in general, shabu is heard, suddenly disappeared! Joker's bird left eye, as if forming a substance Lanmang! See the light of the kind of people will feel two eye stinging spines are bright! A pair of combat boots, green metal pattern more brighter, as if something were to spill out. Her slender waist and shoved a twist! Body like a Chuanhuahudie like, spinning leaps, toes like a big gun tip, win points towards weapons of the past! If the point of this kick, enough to win the military point of broken skull! Shua! A beautiful red arcs across precisely and joker hard combat boots split in together! Clang! Clang! Clang! . . . . . . See the Sky countless spark burst open, torn by a long knife that Daomang constantly flashing red, while the joker's legs in the air to draw a beautiful arc also, the body is like a gyroscope-like constant rotation, release leg power completely out, legs chain, wide leg pants practice drawn in the air crisp Baoxiang, combat boots and torn by sharp long knife blade constantly hit the post. Mars is a large fly in the air and burst into the sky and landed on the ground. Peng! Wu won vigorously a joker was knifed back ground,Nike Air Jordan 8 Sale, she fiercely bite, eyes flashing Lanmang a bit. Wu won the situation is getting, top-down, anti-holding a long knife, the body of a switch, a crimson arc flashed out, draw back to the joker. Joker Leng Heng, palm shore of the ground, the body back a belief, one foot kick toward Wu won the past! Peng! ! Two long knives and combat boots cross hit the place, the air slightly blurred, Jumping around a circle of white mist, light scene was twisted up. Wu won the toss back fly out, staggered tread on the ground even three steps, each step would take a deep ground footprints. He barely stabilize the body, mouth, trace bloodstains slide. But he looked across the joker, but it is slanting mouth raised,Jordan UK sale, revealing a smile. (Everyone should support the wings oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In addition, or solve some of the problems children's shoes, and I generally do not arrange any reason to increase the difficulty of the task, and the protagonist of task difficulty is high, there are reasons, which I'm sure, we should be able to find from the book. was when I did not write, the latter must also be written.) <
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