but his injuries healed and

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> Carefully look over and over again after the secret letter, content and markings are not flaws, white from sure that this is indeed towards Xiange this issue secret. wwW! qUANbeN! coM white hearts Youjingyounu from this point that he is now still in the stage of being suspected, letting yourself go assassinate sun safety was not court death, say to how to repair their current can kill him? I'm afraid it was not close H into Rouni. Damn, who issued a secret order this road you are an idiot! Secret letter from the White crumpled thrown aside, followed by heavy hit punch square table in the house, and did not expect to actually "Oh," cried loudly. It turned out that there is a wooden square table thorn sticking out, just hit the white top from Zhe Yiquan, suddenly was tied too bloody, really unexpected calamities. White cursed from the side, one side to find something dressing, but do not want this element began chest sent a faint white cover hand. Only one will be martial arts, in addition to the hands of the blood outside, actually see a little scar, white centrifugation Anjiao amazing. Yuan began even have such benefits? Did last night, their relationship seriously because it was a night of healing? This is really a baby ah, why I originally did not find it that good? White from the element began cautiously taken out from her, I saw this time element began surface Ambilight, as if something inside the flow in general. Looked for a while, see what no visions, White This turn it back from the arms, rejoicing hearts endless, with these things as long as the dead, multiple injuries can recover ah, really Miaozai. Bai Yuan began from lamenting the strange place, suddenly a flash in his head, a smile immediately climbed up the face. Late at night, outside the residence of Jue Ouyang appeared a black silhouette, he quietly sneaked into the room until nearly slipped out before dawn. Early in the morning, the sun had just entered the chopped Ann Church doors of the house was a burst of rapid footsteps behind him to attract a look back is white away, you see him sweating, panting in front ran their own It seems in a hurry to find yourself. "Asahi recruited, its more important things to report it!" Rising Sun Ann really something to see him, but also an important thing, so he went with his backroom chopped rear hall, the strange and asked: "What It needs early in the morning to report it? "" Well, they can not sleep at night out under the outing yesterday, I did not expect Jue Ouyang's residence next to the Royal Air saw a figure skimming to go beyond the magic number of Church, from Jue I look like Ouyang back! "white from these remarks is to make sun safety some really staggering, you know, but seriously Jue Ouyang unconscious person, not to mention Royal Air and the line, even let him get out of bed now impossible ah, unless he is loaded. "You are not wrong, but he is now unconscious in bed, even the ground are not under, how can we go to church ran out of magic number? 'Minds well prepared from white, said:" I get along with Jue Ouyang for some time day, his back I will definitely not wrong, maybe he's injured already good of it? "Rising Sun Jue Ouyang An implication is understood pretended injuries, if he really flew out yesterday to go, he must is lurking in the magic number is undoubtedly a spy inside the church. "If he was out last night, the magic number is really church, that he not spies? White from you may want to clear, can not be wronged one of us ah!" "Man I believe I'll never be mistaken, as he is not a spy that pour says no, but now go to his room to see not know everything? "to see the white from the emphatic way, the sun Andhra heart could not help but believe a little more, then sent for Ling Shan travel together, although they discord,Oakley Sunglasses UK, but after all my colleagues went to Ye Hao has circumstantial evidence. When Ling mountains with a few close disciples came together Jue Ouyang outside when the sun safety and white from long been waiting, to see people in attendance already impatient sun safety door front foot will kick too fly out. Ouyang was lying in bed sleeping Jue one so much movement, immediately woke up, subconsciously turning jump out of bed, pulled the pillow under the hands of a spirit sword. Before come to see, a breeze sped to the hammer hitting the whole person as being, at once heavy attached a few steps back against the wall. An original Rising Sun Jue Ouyang turned and saw nothing, like, the whole is so unlike yesterday, malaise, hearts already sure he is a spy, and saw that he drew his sword How can anyone not bristle truth. How to say this man is cut together, now becomes a spy, so where to put their own face, fills up is real dollars force punch. "Said! Yuanshi teach you are not spies!?" Ouyang Zhe Yiquan Jue was beaten bloody nose and mouth, some ignorant, looking at the front of their own safety and the glare of the morning sun deadpan Ling Shan, tongue-tied, said: " Xu recruited, this is how you are, how do I become a spy, hey, my loyalty for Babel League but, do not be deceived others ah! "" Hem! you say you are not spies, then you say, Why you are still seriously injured coma yesterday, today was able to hold the sword to kill the soul? "Ouyang Jue realized I was now standing in front of everyone, hey actually, and meridians have been fully restored, one time I did not know what to say. Rising Sun An even more determined to see him speechless idea in mind, Yin smiled and said: "Tell me, where are you last night, gave Yuanshi teach you what secret?" "I did not go last night ah, it is in the room to sleep, you can not wronged Asahi recruited me ah! "" I wronged you? last night but someone watching you run out,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, is not ah, white from? "next to white from a hearing to ask own, quickly replied: "Last night, I really saw a man Royal Air Jue Ouyang yard from flying out from the back to see what he!" "You fart! white away, I did not offend you, so why should frame-up! "Ouyang Jue really a bit crazy, himself only just awake, it was with a spy's hat on his head, and now there is actually witnesses, and was about to continue to differentiate mouth. Then next to Ling Shan seem to find anything, a stride came to the bed, the pillow is taken out from a piece of paper, looked down and his face is changed, then the strip deadpan handed sun safety. Rising Sun On a closer look note, the original red with anger face suddenly turned into iron blue, he put down the paper staring fiercely Ouyang Jue, see each other scared straight up before slowly said: "Hello Big courage ah, want to take my life? "Having no other Ouyang Jue differentiate, rushed forward and kicked his kick turned to the ground, then grabbed his fiercely thrown into the courtyard from the house, a powerful true Yuan Li broke away from the almost untenable shook white. Ouyang Jue, sorry, in order to save my life only a sacrifice to You! Ouyang was thrown into the yard Jue this time is seven dirty eight elements, if not the night away with the white element began to help him recover the body, he had already expired it. But this time a capital offense-free, live sin could not escape, the sun did not intend to let him security, chasing after admission in a series of punches mixed with powerful real element of the entire courtyard gave collapsed and the whole yard into rubble Heap, Ouyang Jue living place is the emergence of a pit, and he was in the bottom of the pit, a badly mutilated. White anxious from time Jue Ouyang sun safety will immediately killed, then no check against the dead, but the results of the side of the mountain to Ling bad thing. The mountains repeat the act originally Ouyang Ling Jue going to die in boxing, the fear that he could not find his accomplices aloud immediately stop violence continue rising sun safety. An Ling Mountain Sunrise heard shouting That stopped his hand, looked at the dying Ouyang Jue, carrying blood-spattered fist came out from a large pit, directed at Ling Shan Lengyan said: "Do not worry, he is absolutely die, just some flesh wound only. really want Qutaxingming, he would have died! "Ling Jue Ouyang Shan ordered his dragged out from the bottom of the pit, along with their escort the secret church to go, and sun safety White then walked away from the side, patted his shoulder hard, speaker praise: "This is really thanks to you, or else it Gouzei do not know how long you want to ambush me too! Now you Liledagong , I'll ask for your whereabouts mains power, be sure to let you go to church to cut! "white hand quickly heard praise from his face smile, an ecstatic look, but but in the hearts chuckle: I am in you side of the ambush had just begun. Returned to his room after careful thought from white, grew more and more feel wrong, it Ouyang Jue if immortality to Ling mountain savvy will not necessarily see some strange coming from, or as soon as possible to find an opportunity to kill He better. Was going to go out to see some close together, but unexpectedly come to the white sheets also had chatted with him Hu Luankan some, but their hearts are already flying close together to go. Finally, Zhang Bai also sent away, but found that the weather has been in the early afternoon, when the Church must be a closely guarded secret, it seems only other night Jue Ouyang find the opportunity to get rid of. Fortunately, despite how pressed Ling Shan, Ouyang Jue not admit that he is Yuanshi teach spies, but his injuries healed and housing in secret letter but can not tell what they were, Ling Shan had to take him into custody, waiting Explorer pleasure. Ouyang Jue in the prison grew more and more angry, and finally all of the hate blame the trap their white away, but also knew he probably never Xibu Qing spy charges,Air Jordan 12 UK, and is bound to wait for his harsh punishment. Unexpectedly usually do not have a regular eye minutely their fatigues, can even make yourself into a hopeless situation. Dies, pulling you away from the white die with! Ouyang Jue made up his mind to his disciples deceived into prison guards after punch him stunned to find a key to open the shackles of the body, out of the cell door toward the white from the small courtyard came. At a time when the white house from being Lianqi, suddenly Getting the distance came the call of alarm sound, open a window, the sound seems to be coming from the direction of dense Church. Could Jue Ouyang there, what happened? A bad feeling suddenly emerge from the heart to the white, is he thinking about the occasion, suddenly heard a loud noise at the courtyard, a man tied to severing door rushed in, it Ouyang Jue! <
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