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August 28 [Wed], 2013, 12:10
The second chapter is the new task; when Elmar and O Kleiman come back, back to a very inspire people the news, they got a silver wolf kill Xiao month mission in mercenary guild! Howl month silver wolf is three class evil monster, the wind properties, are very scarce group life world of Warcraft, often appear is the dozens of only, more can even reach hundreds. [text first book single howl Womens North Face Apex Bionic month yinlang of strength is not how, even if is the primary fencing master can they make a be roughly the same, but when a group of Xiao month silver wolf appeared together, even many five world of Warcraft are not willing to fight and they. If the previous star mercenary, Elmar certainly not access this dangerous task, but after the collective breakthrough, star mercenary strength has a thoroughly to remould oneself like rapid promotion, even dare to this job access. Kill Xiao month silver wolf, a point to note is that can withstand tsunamis Yueyin wolves lay siege to, if not, it does not change, a simple task to do. Want to resist the howling wolves Yueyin siege, just one or two people on the team of super strength to resist is not, after all, Xiao Yueyin wolves but at least there are dozens of scale, even that one or two individual strength, they can withstand a few Xiao month silver wolf? Only the average strength when the whole team enough to withstand tsunamis Yueyin wolves siege, be possible to complete the task on Canada Goose Whistler Parka Women the silver wolf hunting. Elmar and O Kleiman want to rob this task, the main reason is that now Xinghui mercenary soldier regiment of eleven junior fencing master, six intermediate fencing master, by their cloth under the defense ring absolute can withstand tsunamis Yueyin wolves attack. Coupled with the star mercenary and O Kleiman the knife and Li Yan the big kill, kill Xiao month silver wolf is not a big problem, and now Elmar and O Kleiman need to consider is that they should kill many howl month silver wolf is appropriate. The task does not require a specific amount, but according to the number of North Face Outlet Sale different, the rewards will be different, of course, kill Xiao month silver wolf more reward the better, that would not have any objection. In addition, the task and a special tip: if you can capture live Xiao month silver wolf pups, can be in accordance with three adult howl month yinlang of offer. Why? How howl month silver wolf cub so expensive? Lin Na task at hand tips, said. Howl month silver wolf fur is white, thin and long, soft and flexible, is the best material for clothing, Stein, like many ladies wear produced by Xiao month silver wolf fur clothing, so Xiao month silver wolf although only three class evil monster, but the value is higher than the general level of Warcraft four. Three adult howl month silver wolf values have a very considerable cost for star mercenary, but this is just a howling silver wolf pups on price only, no wonder Lin Na would be so surprised. Oh, it's not strange. Howl month silver wolf pups through professional training, can eliminate its wild, it will be as a pet. Come to think of it, side with a three level of world of Warcraft, plus the white fur, absolutely is to attract the attention of the best pet! Li Yan from the memory of Chris know, the golden lion!
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