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> Chapter 192 make a scene (Meng Xiang pretend toolbox open the same connection to the host is placed below nong come up with the some instruments squatted similar coffin, in fact, has been paying close attention to this huge host connection chamber. WWW , QUaNBEN com ~~ Avatar host connection chamber is in the center of the military zone, in addition to the one outside the gate and no other exports. few heavy armed soldiers guarded the door, the room staff are non-combatants, they are only responsible for monitoring and Avatar connected to the human situation and record data, to ensure the normal operation of the connection to the host. Meng Xiang held at the ceiling above, there are a lot of cameras, indoor Once students what movement, camera head monitoring staff case to the higher reporting. hosts connection chamber and the North Sea team the rest of the military zone b 2o3 rooms, 2 road access, which one, if the average person, it takes about half an hour to finish the entire process, while the other one, it is necessary to bypass the heavily guarded weapons library, not only from the long 3,4 times, and there certainly driving amd mech, guarded by soldiers. Meng Xiang muttered, his sodium ring, stood Jie Juan convertible 2 plasma bombs and three hand grenades. that plasma bomb requires a fairly high integral to exchange more powerful than the average bomb, but mainly to the high temperature burning, and even within a few meters of the metal gasification, grilled creatures within the scope of the death of tens of meters, if the Earth garrison arsenal of weapons delivery, if you are lucky, might be able to cause a chain reaction, Meng Xiang under a great bet, the purpose, of course, not only to pound 1uan arsenal, the main purpose is to avoid to give support in the North Sea strong team. "Hey, maintenance, you in the end what to stay, fast check it." not far from casual drinking tea a staff idle without incident, on which stood a superior look. The Sa swore Meng Xiang, before seem to want to ignore Grace vent their anger in Meng Xiang body when Grace has left more than 1o minutes, Meng Xiang thought have much time left, he put down the tools at hand, stand up Angela smiled and walked over to those staff laughing and said: "You see, I like, such as maintenance?" maintenance you doing here? Noam? can not think of Grace there are also subordinates like you fool. "Noam may be stupid, but I did not, I did not come to repair, I have come to kill." Meng Xiang face sudden changes, gloomy face, revealing a murderous those who thought and Meng Xiang was joking nonchalantly said: "murder? kill people? You are not against us to suppress the Na'vi?" "I do not kill the Na'vi, kill people on earth." Meng Xiang his eyes stare spirit sword ejected, those who have not yet react, the head and the body has been separated from the blood splashed all over the floor. "ha ha." Meng Xiang single-handedly erase head camouflage, split from the sodium ring net power of King Kong ax how amazing, dozens of hosts split under a 1uan, cut into scrap metal. "ooo, ooo ..." alert from the Meng Xiang's every move has been the ceiling camera monitor, Meng Xiang out in pointing the camera made an insulting gesture, removed from the sodium ring a grenade. "Do not move, you have been surrounded." to open the door, and the gun stretched in hand Meng Xiang Yang, grenade throwing in the past. [Ye * sub] [You * You, "Bang!" walk in front of soldiers can not escape all rou blown into pieces, as the soldiers thought inside Meng Xiang has firepower, not aggressive, have back. Meng Xiang Leng Heng, proudly continued his unbridled lawlessness, the Golden Axe went echoing like thunder "pop" sound, a secondary connection to the host, the ravages of the diamond ax, and both become scrap metal the Avatar connection to the host how important, although they have mastered the re-manufacturing technology, but the war is near, remanufacturing within a short period of time the host and the test is passed, it is almost impossible, so the outside of the noisy sound more and more , almost blocked the corridor outside. Meng Xiang will last a host smashed, know that we do not leave, will be encircled by soldiers, he threw a grenade, soldiers to quell the door, and then lift the Vajra Axe toward the door to the side of the wall H go. the host connectivity chamber walls are stainless steel manufacturing, nearly 2o cm thick, even if it was a bomb and there is absolutely fried is not broken. Meng Xiang not neglect, almost doing all King Kong ax first ghost hands, almost splitting the whole Ikoma Mountain, in the hands of Meng Xiang, although the sudden drop in power, but after repeated use, some experience. "La squeak ..." sharp ear sound reverberates around the stimulated actually cut everyone's eardrums thick steel plate, stainless steel manufacturing, Meng Xiang Wei ax, abruptly cut out a large crack, the original jam in the hallway and close to the wall of the hapless, can not think of steel manufacturing walls open, hit King Kong ax spare is immediately netbsp; King Kong Meng Xiang Collapse ax the exhibit the spirit sword burst 1uan to cut, because too many people, the soldiers did not dare shoot to see Meng Xiang beast Biao, instinctively escape, Meng Xiang edge cut while running, break loose in the blink of an eye. put a fork in the road in front of Meng Xiang, a sidewalk, from military zone b 2o3 room only half an hour away, and Meng Xiang degree 1o minutes arrived. while the other one is from the long 3,4 times and bypassing the arms warehouse, where there are heavily guarded. Meng Xiang did not hesitate to weapons warehouses there channeling go to Meng Xiang estimates, if the the Beihai team Naruto or Vic in the military area, side caused sao move will certainly get their attention, and they ran to support, certainly go the nearest road in order to avoid them, Meng Xiang selected detour, by the way see if you can the Nong point in the arsenal trouble out the stakes are very dangerous, even if there is no North Sea team players to stop, stand in front of Meng Xiang, firepower military guards, amd armor. Meng Xiang is such a person, since thinking about to make a scene, it is necessary to do a thorough, but also can avoid the North Sea team, so he Xiangyebuxiang to gallop along the corridor a few hours ago, he had memorized the entire military zone corridor channel, so now running fast, the idea is to ease. Meng Xiang "shaving" degree, not ordinary people can capture the the host connection Murou sao1uan , but guarding the blockade or a little slower, Meng Xiang an arrow feicuan encountered along the way of armed soldiers,Totes Coach Cheap, kill Yigai, and soon he went to a weapons warehouse near dozens of weapons warehouse, all stored portable they have received weapons, carrying weapons, all rely on amd armor, so almost every 3,4 warehouse, there is a driving amp armor staff waiting. Meng Xiang ran along the direction message, so to spare for weapons warehouse, they did not dare to use the powerful GAU-9o automatic gun in favor of the general tailor-made submachine gun. relatively wide corridor outside the warehouse, but only 5,6 meters wide the amd Armor kept ahead, Meng Xiang If you want to break the tight encirclement, the first will have to face in front of several of the planes amd armor submachine gun,Air Jordan UK, but they considered a missed Meng Xiang "shave" degree. Meng Xiang has unlock the potential lock limit of two from three just a step away. along the way over him Nianman the blood, the Emmanuel defense and strong physique, even if hit by firearms in general, can only scratch his skin can not be injected into his body, so he such as unhindered, who has been sticking with the blood of dozens of people. deadlines.i! "amd armor driver by ROU eye I saw to the shadows flashing, along with a series of "pops" sound from far to not react, they feel squeezed cockpit, and then his body twisted with the deformation of the cockpit. Meng Xiang King Kong ax cut in front of amd armor,cheap jordan shoes, then put away the ax, bolted continue to move forward. Unfortunately, King Kong ax too heavy, or that Meng Xiang the force is too weak, holding a diamond ax fighting greatly affected, or , he did not amd armor on the eye. gunfire sounded, hiding on both sides of the guard has been shot, Meng Xiang do not want to struggle with them, feel a sense of crisis, and immediately add or dodge been Luedao the first five warehouse, he cut amd armor, an ax Hongdiao the door of the warehouse. choose five, because his favorite number "5" time is not he think he was only two plasma bomb, pieces fried arsenal, a keep to get out with all the way quite well, but after a few minutes in front of the soldiers must set up a more powerful fire resistance is difficult in this narrow corridor channels, plasma bombs Maximize the power of ...... <
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