and looked to have a trace of aloof

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Guards outside the door, the maid is not wholly his sight, he Christine Cheng Xu Yan eyes only for Lee with the wind, and those people take for granted. "I can not always any of you so trampled upon." Christine Cheng Xu Yan immediately let him give up hope Road: "No, you can never escape can not be separated, because I forgot to tell you, 'non-system' is no antidote." At first glance listen to 'non-system' there is no antidote, Lee wind moment sluggish, Yan really do it absolutely was a crazy person, for the ends justify the means, this is Christine Cheng Xu Yan, Li wind evaluation, but also Christine Order of the character Asahi inflammation. "You want to take me to go?" You obediently lying in the Imperial Garden while, I will be back soon to accompany you. "Christine Cheng Xu Yan did not want to leave bamboo Hin Court with Lee wind, but he knew what he was doing certainly to Lee with the wind limit of patience had to take him out to walk around. Lee wind gently on a swing, "Kim Il-chuen, he may not have any room for error." Of watching Christine Cheng Xu Yan departed back Lee wind pretty sure he has things without the knowledge of their own, or will never be easy leave their side, "Kim Il-full, he went to do?, or recently what happened?" Golden Sun dare say the two countries to fight the wind and rain, he specifically warned remember the last inverse son before leaving they do not wish a war, not to mention the inverse son is wind princes, now asked, Golden Sun whole I really do not know how to answer. "I recently did not happen." Lee wind naturally do not believe, is not it? "Gold day full immediately knelt down and said:" inverse son, King does not want you to know things, Please inverse son indulgences. Lee with the wind not want innocent people to make things difficult, waved his hand to the eye but not out of mind. "You retreated so I can not see the place to go." "Golden Sun full dare refute fear that it would cause the inverse son's displeasure, more inverse son did not want to be stimulated, the inverse son is too innocent, blame blame His Royal Highness love him too much. Christine Cheng Xu Yan never wanted to leave Lee with the wind half a step, but some things do not want him to know, so that makes wind more away from their own. Rain States provoking war things absolutely know can not let the wind. "Bell is fighting and how?" Zhongzheng Gong Jing replied: "Hui Bing Wang, China invaded and occupied five pools, their defense is very strict, not numerous encounters points up and down, so they grab back the case next issue is unknown, and fought against the wind of the country will only lose-lose now, I do not know what benefits? Why not target on split ice country? stupidity forgive minister. "" If I want to looting it ? "But ...... that you need to spend Dragoon team?" Wind some unrest in the country because the big Prince Nicholls seize power relations, but the sixth of the country's Prince of the Wind has been basically solved these things even brought Lee Kai that person to forced to escape the wind of the country, say fishing in troubled waters, and this is clearly an excuse. Even if the rain king bent, but did not change anything. Christine Cheng Xu Yan decision has always been persuaded to change. "Well, do not need them, and their city rush back if we withdraw troops." Christine Cheng Xu Yan this is not going to fight so early with the wind country, as it will fulfill the other countries and those hateful Mozu Xu Yan, Christine Order of the not so stupid, and this time just trying to Lee with the wind to force a way back Timberland 8 Inch. Although the ministers did not understand why, but no one dare to ask exports. Christine Cheng Xu Yan continued: "Bell is, I heard your son is in the kingdom of the wind." King, my son will never be treason, Wang Ming investigation. "" Let him pass, night feather I will not let anyone hinder my wind determination, not to let the wind out of "is" as long as there is no misunderstanding like, or to Christine Cheng Xu Yan temper, they clock is likely to face punish the fate of the aboriginal. However, the clock is still curious night feather? Christine Cheng Xu Yan also warned: "I do not want this incident was again talking about, in particular, is not to let him know." Before they leave. Everyone how I do not know that 'he' who is who else in addition to the inverse son. Christine Cheng Xu Yan came to Lee wind, but found that the wind turned Lee is not in the swing, this is not possible, the wind in the 'non-system' impossible he left, carefully listening to the movement of the surrounding southeast of Merlin in the Imperial Garden in have a Jiaochuan voice of Christine Cheng Xu Yan immediately determine that Lee wind has come to the position of a drift surgery immediately. Saw a stunning figure, sky blue hair, breeze blowing his cover in front of the beam of hair, exposed face that peerless. Independent in the world of Plum, and looked to have a trace of aloof, trace stubborn is a pleasure. Maybe he's born to enjoy life to the earth. However, knowing that in the eyes, but people think will never be unable to retain him on like the wind, knowing that there was not catch. "Wind ..." Christine Cheng Xu Yan and shouts out loud, just this time, Lee wind temperament instantly changed, just the photograph of the image is a bloom, it is a disease Yan azaleas. Lee wind is untenable in general appeared to be dropped down, picked up his big hands to avoid the fall of Lee wind behind him. "How do you come here?" Lee wind dissatisfaction response: "Do you think I go any farther? Hum Women's Camp Down Hoody...... there next time, you do not suddenly emerge, I have no energy to accept the impact force my body very chaos. "chaos hair color will change, barely able to stand. He had should be restored to the body, but because of Christine Order of the Asahi yen 'non-system' while bad. Better? Xuanzhi Kay beans personal care, he should immediately went to who took you come? "Impossible Lee wind approaching, it shows that some people hold him over the thought of the people outside their own hold him, Christine Cheng Xu Yan heart is very unhappy. Sarbanes Dian took me over. "Look at own brother's sake, Christine Cheng Xu Yan the murderous weakened some. "So you tell me, you, what happened? Before you drink 'system' did not give you, why your body has been weak up? Why before you get hurt?" ... "" How not to answer? jealousy in general temper and ignorance. To mention is the the rain king possessive. "Who am I, I am a prisoner, a captive, your plaything, is not it?" Lee wind self-satirical Christine Cheng Xu Yan frown. "Who told you? I immediately went and cut off his tongue." Christine Cheng Xu Yan thought it was what people came to tell a secret, otherwise the wind how will say. "Well, is not it? Poison, and not let me send a message out clearly is to me as a prisoner." Lee wind do not know those things, these words just complain about imprisoned dissatisfaction Bale. The Christine Order of the Xu Yan slightly at ease, but fortunately he did not know the war thing, "you know, I do everything for you, no matter what I do, all the starting point just to order you Liuzaishenbian. "Christine Cheng Xu Yan intend to hold him to leave, Sa Code recently too concerned for him. "I do not want it, I would also etc. Sa typical back, he said he will give me with good food." "If I do not allow it?" Christine Cheng Xu Yan insisted to take him away. And this time, the imperial doctor Kay beans are with Jin Chaojiang seven groups hurriedly rushed over. Kay beans regarded as the best doctor in the country of the rain, his age ninety-year-old, light spells polished and well-known in the country of rain. Jin Chaojiang seven seven martial arts group is powerful old man. A short, lean and the old man said: "Kay beans, when you become so tacky? Merely is a new favorite of His Highness fills with so desperately to catch you?" Kay Bean familiar he bark inverse son is not the same. "Another fat asks rhetorically:" What is not the same? not that the former are a woman, and today is a not grow up too boy nothing. "is that we have not seen him you talk about his points were attracted His Royal Highness? "will not be a sissy?" Kay Bean argues: "He does not like is a delightful child, but also a special identity." Why special? "Kay Bean shook his head, not do not know, but we can not say exports. The inverse son he is not a sissy, more than weak. He is the wind of the country's most powerful people, is the current king of the wind, or the martial arts by the current head of the mercenary group. Kay beans really a bit worried for him, if the king let him drink a 'non-system', then he is likely to lifetime need someone to take care of by the current head of the admiration we might have disappeared from the world Timberland Hiker Boots Sale. Happens to run into Christine Cheng Xu Yan hold Lee wind went out of the door in the Imperial Garden. See King Kai beans, and Jin Chaoqiang seven groups at the same time salute, Kay beans careful attention to the Lee wind scenery, and the other seven curious old man looked at Lee with the wind. The weakness of the juvenile even a surge of people admiring breath, the noble but people affectionately endless, that is, unfortunately, did not see his appearance. Most strange, never seen him, but my heart wants to pet him. Really Guaizai! "You protect his safety after seven." Christine Cheng Xu Yan commanded. Kay Bean observed for a while, even the cold sweat run out. Christine Cheng Xu Yan aware, "Kay beans?" Kay beans haltingly up: "the king, he he ......" Li wind dashing asked: "Are you this straight, I hate to be deceived." Lee wind Speaking Christine Cheng Xu Yan pain, Christine Cheng Xu Yan face gloomy and daggers eye Kay beans. In support of the spirit of the the Jin Chaojiang seven group, Kay Bean finally say the cruel reality. "The king, inverse son because old wounds healed, coupled with the mood swings too, and because they take a 'non-system', originally thought it was only a period of time can not walk it, but now ... extremely serious injury, unless there is a miracle, or ... And can not re-injured once ...... and it is likely to never wake up. "Jin Chaoqiang seven groups shocked Kay Bean said, surprised watched Lee with the wind, I want to see if he would react, but they disappointed. Lee no expression of grief in the wind touches Christine Cheng Xu Yan's face appeared angry and distressed intersects look. Angry that she is actually will add to the injury of the wind, is really inexcusable. "Regardless of any method, I would need to save his wind if any mishap, you go full burial." Li wind interrupted him, "Sa typical? Snacks? Things not to implicate anyone. Get out of here! ah. "said Lee wind very calm tone of a few words, but let Christine Cheng Xu Yan more distressed. "Huh? Sa typical, I was as far as you bring to me?" The Sa typical Prince just appear, "the city emerging as a snack, called meters tofu." Li wind happily said: "I must try Lee wind handedly go Duan Panzi, in one hand and a fork, however, God seems to resist him. Not even forks and plates are not well controlled. Christine Cheng Xu Yan feels his smile is so dazzling, is like complaining about him, should not be poisoned in order to leave him, but damage to his self-defeating. Christine Cheng Xu Yan took the plates and forks. "I feed you." Lee with the wind against the not too far. "Mouth" obviously is eat, chosen to be against him, Christine Cheng Xu Yan anger surged. "Do not," "Zhang" not "Christine Order of the Xu Yan began angrily:" You have to torture yourself to torture me this? In the end want to How do I? "Left." Lee wind heart's intention is to want to know know Christine Order of the Xu Yan anything without telling him. Be sure to ask, or heart always fit. Christine Cheng Xu Yan did not want to go, but to see Lee with the wind on a hunger strike to threaten him, Christine Cheng Xu Yan on the soft-hearted compromise down. "The moment I came to pick you up." Lee with the wind to see him go, indifferent face expression instantly gone, turn instead is an aloof look, and faint reveals a domineering and extravagance. The sole a commanding tone: "answer me, whether the storm between the two countries at war?" Lee wind clever, as long as he is willing to think, it is nothing that he could not guess. Sa typical Kay Bean is to know the identity of Lee wind, they did not dare to tell Lee wind, but it does not mean others will not say. That fat old man outspoken: "ah, but also very intense it, but still strong rain States, beginning occupied five fortresses. The ......" stealth dark gold the day full shouted finished. Sa Code and Kay beans cold sweat fly, really in trouble. Kay Bean to Tongtong fat, preventing him to go on. But the fat is still foggy, do not know what was wrong words. "Good, he can do really never took me to go to the battlefield." Lee wind sneered. They were all taken aback. How this can be, how delicate footer, he comes to the battlefield, not to mention Royal Highness also not allowed. "No? Believe it or not even if I can not move, and the same can cause you to death." Golden Sun advised: "inverse son, we believe the king you better than all weight are all busy, so we can not promise you. "Sa Code and Kay the beans kick off nod. Lee wind unhappy and said: "Well, I am, and he does not have any relationship." "Is it?" Incoming crowd ears a cold sound extreme, Christine Cheng Xu Yan appeared in front, he was still not at ease come back to see see, but hear such words. At this point, he is dangerous, and this dangerous man is she keeps the wind close to Lee. "I will let you know what is a relationship." Implication is obvious today Christine Cheng Xu Yan will occupy him. Sa Code blurted out: "Wang Xiong Guards body overwhelmed." Christine Cheng Xu Yan has never been a wise ruler, so he will not accept the advice of others. Saw, Christine Cheng Xu Yan snout Lee with the wind, and the wind turned Lee ... not even avoid. Does he have refused to give up, and do not intend to escape? Kiss not consciously Christine Cheng Xu Yan goals step by step down, just leave a kiss in the wind neck Lee, Li wind opening: "inflammation, you hurt me deep deep, my heart hurts ... ... pain next moment Lee Suifeng Dao Christine Cheng Xu Yan bosom without rain king commanded, Kay beans immediately check the status of Lee with the wind, "the king of inverse son ...... he ...... extremely weak pulse may be picking up an injury necessary to find a therapeutic drug, if you're lucky, will wake up three days later. "Kay Bean did not say bad luck will happen, he was afraid to say it, own these people might have to go to Xianyan Wang. The gloomy face makes Christine Cheng Xu Yan Lengjun afraid. "No, I believe he will wake up, he can not be a timid person." Indeed, Lee wind how may timid man, his dignified by the current commission and regiment, and how might easily died. Seeing the king's departure, some driven to distraction Jin Chaojiang seven-person group for a long time did not respond. "This is the king?" Sa typical point nod, "Wang Xiong changed, Guards and change, love change, persistent and crazy." Kay Bean stopped gold day to chase the king said: "Wang not intend truce? "Golden Sun whole turned around and said:" King has never wanted to really fight over these things just to attract inverse son. inverse son to king naturally do not want to let him know "Golden Sun accusingly the eyes glanced fat old man, because he talkative relationship, which will these things.
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