This time a battalion mortars

July 27 [Sat], 2013, 12:00
Following these Japanese soldiers, as are some stunned, to be dragged through this gun, the muzzle pointed at the following tanks!

Da da da!

Intensive gun rang up the bunker shot hole spray fire a dazzling flames!

Tank car bodywork upload burst ding sound, along with the sound of a string of sparks, as バーバリー バッグ well as four random pop-warhead!

Amazing usual lethal guns did not even now a little effect!


Chapter II to, I hope you like!

Chapter 205 armored demolition team

. Was bathed in the hail of bullets in the tanks, although still smooth move to open seven pits are large and small, independent battalion of a battalion commander Li Zhankui distressed shouted, Damn, this is I treasure , artillery, give me take away the wall of the bunker, broke you do not feel bad I distressed it!

This time a battalion mortars had brought 56 ​​are arranged at a distance off, the soldiers ticking bombs have been placed on the muzzle, waiting for his battalion word, immediately fire fire attack!

It being so impatient, ティファニー 指輪 they heard the roar of the battalion commander, ティファニーアウトレット suddenly seemed to eat pounds of honey, sweet from the heart to the top of their heads, feeling the hands of the shells have become a lot lighter!

The alignment of mortar shells tail pipe, and then let go smooth, the body immediately left the muzzle around!

Almost instant, mortars emitted tom sound muffled, followed by a puff of flame, the gun barrel to go sit with the back suddenly.

56 mortars not occur simultaneously.
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