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August 19 [Mon], 2013, 10:07
Preston and Blackpool's game is a open Shuttleworth Zealand Derby, although only the second round of the League Cup, but the popular level that does not lose any of the Derby, and this is the first time these two sides met in three years, supra tk society uk Natural Biezulejin. Competition has been in the 87th minute before a winner, Tom - Clark's goal to help Preston eventually eliminated Blackpool 1-0, the scene has become very crazy.

In the moment of the whistle, the situation could no longer control, hundreds of fans Chongjinchangnei and staff to maintain order and the police large-scale conflict broke out, the police and even dispatched a Mountie control scenes, but this time the accident , and a security personnel fell to the RCMP under the horseshoe! Fortunately not been stepped on the head. A 名普雷斯顿 spokesman said: "The horse stepped on a security personnel were hurt shoulder and was sent to do X-ray inspection." Photographic record of security personnel being walked down the ugly scene.

At a time when fans are still crazy crazy venue run, very chaotic scene, potentially dangerous but ignited the fans emotions, and the police can only make trouble trying to expel the crowd. Mounted Police dispatched seem to play a certain effect, but some fans still open provocation Mounted Police, seems to want to cause more commotion. End of the game has allowed such massive fans into the stadium, security measures is indeed worrying. Photos have been difficult to live a complete record of the case, and the police several times in the face of their own fans imagine the difficulty of maintaining order.

After the game, coach Paul losing Blackpool - Ince is furious: "This is an absolute joke! Who knows what will happen? Will someone be hurt? I do not know in the end the staff here enough , this happens too many times, and have to wait until someone gets run over it?! "

As the winning party, Preston coach Simonson very worried stricken FA punishment: "supra owen uk

I hope some fans just so excited, did not do anything hurtful things I can not say I'm glad, I hope not too many injured people, I hope the next few days to calm down. "
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