Everlasting-salted love? OK! ! lol 

2007年02月14日(水) 9時37分
Why have you done so many brave things for me?

Why do you surprise me every

Why I dream in the daytime and
rest at nights?

Why a person would have your
kind of thoughts?

Why it would be impossible to find another twin?

Why little Nana is so cute? (coming soon...)

Why present Nana is so cute?


I give you all my everlasting-salted love, although being sweet lol


Oh yes, happy St.Valentine's, but I prefer to care about you
every day. And you?


2007年02月14日(水) 8時52分

Hope you are having fun this free week... well, you are always
free in fact haha. Well, just I want to say that I'm so happy that
you have become my best friend at Uni and, although you are
pretty weird, you are great (es broma! haha lo de weird-.-/).

Although you and your Korean friends will leave in summer, hope I
laugh so much with all of you still, and maybe visit you in the
future huh, cause... I don't have to pay a hotel there, right?:P

Look after yourself and... those girls too (v^-')

free free free☆ 

2007年02月12日(月) 6時38分
Well, finally I've already sat all my Uni final exams (/∇\) Hope
everything has gone okay...

Leaving aside Uni, everything is going perfectly too. Especially
because every day I have someone who is bothering me so
much, but caring about me at last hehe. Thanks so much Nana
(●´ε`●) (it is not me huh huh huh)

Still full cause of the GREAT dinner I had last night with my
GREAT friends Juan Pablo and Rau, and still remember how GREAT
time we had, I feel like have done a GREAT step.

I want to do all the next steps taking your hand. And you?

Stuffs from Japan~~ 

2007年01月31日(水) 5時03分
Xixixi eventually got the first full album of HIZAKI grace project,
『Dignity of crest』! v(^O^)v Thanks Kaede for buying it for me in
your stay in Japan! I'm so happy for the postcard gift included
cause you bought it the same day of the releaseヾ(^‐^)ゞ it is
wonderful~~ And... wowowow you also bring me a very big sized
poster of JUYA signed by himself!ゞ(><*)o I really hope to listen
to his new solo project, -qiche-.

Oh my god... once Komori brought the presents to me, when the
free time interval in Chinese class arrived, my teacher said 'Na
shi shenme? Na shi shenme? Na shi shenme?' - in a little-girl/
voice-who-has-never-seen-some-presents-together. Well, don't
tell me why, but the PV included was watched by the whole of
the class... ( ̄□ ̄ || weird scene... Anyway, I think my teacher
liked that a little hahaha, but her I-hate-Japan-for-no-reason
made her say some silly comment (* ´-`)r little girl anyway~~

The girl of my life (I want, I hope) 

2007年01月30日(火) 0時46分
Well, I think I've already got the girl of my life, at least she is the one I want. She is Nana.

How to define her... she is Chinese, but has spent her childhood
in Japan, and comes from Korean family lineage (you know, her
face...). What I love of her is that...that... it seems we are
twins!!ヾ(≧∇≦)ノ" And also that she is very brave and you
always can trust her. It seems she is really open-mided; her
viewpoints, you know, such a very mature girl. Even she is a
good artist and will become a really good one in the future! hehe.
By the way, she is also very cute~~ ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)~

Just I want to share my life with her and, although it won't be
easy, I will do my best and achieve it eventually.

I love you Nana ( *^)^*)チュウ

GAME BOY DS & FFIV~♪o(* ̄∇)ノ+.☆ 

2007年01月22日(月) 22時47分
Last Sunday got my GAME BOY DS Lite... white color! It seems it
is so hard to find now ( ̄△ ̄) but finally bought it in Mercat de
Sant Antoni~~

Why GBDS and not PSP? Easy, because of FINAL FANTASY IV/V/
VI xixi~~ In fact they are not specially for DS, but for ADVANCE,
just this one is more beautiful~ haha

The video game was bought one week ago and I'm playing with
my stepsister's SP. You can see my progress (^。^) By the way,
isn't it wonderful FFIV cover? Yoshitaka Amano is great; he's my
favourite drawe r(-ω- )/

Per a la Xuexue. 

2007年01月15日(月) 7時32分
Xuexue, em vaig quedar una mica parat quan em vas dir que la
teva mare estaba una mica empipada amb mi. Quan et vaig
visitar, la teva mare em va tractar bastant be, pero, sembla que
no li agrada que estigui amb vosaltres.

Suposo que pensa que me'n vull aprofitar de vosaltres perque
sou petites, pero, logicament, aixo no es cert ni de bon tros. No
se com fer-li saber que no te rao, pero d'altra banda tambe
l'entenc, no es gaire normal de veure un noi que no es xines i
que ve des de Barcelona nomes per a veure-us.

No se que mes dir; es una pena, jo nomes volia anar perque
et/em feia il'lusio, res mes, pero si la teva mare no vol, jo no vull

Espero que ens veiem aviat. Estudia molt, ajuda a la mare i... fes
SEMPRE cas del que et diu la mare (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

Finally! Hehe you can smile again (and me too) 

2007年01月12日(金) 6時51分
I don't really know why the presents you sent in the beginning of
December have just arrived now... I didn't know what to say to
cheer you up; I know perfectly you did a big effort and you put
all your heart inside ∬´ー`∬ Anyway, the wait has deserved. Also
say that although it has never arrived, I would be as happy as
now. I hope you believe me.

The handmade present, 香包 (xiangbao), is absolutely... I have no
words, I can't feel happier. You wrote 福 (fu) there, which means
'luck', so I hope it helps me from now on. Also remark the lovely
smell~~('-^v) Yan Yan, I don't know what to say... just, I
promise I will keep it for the rest of my life.

On the other hand, I got surprised when saw you also included a
Jay's album!!ヾ(TωT。) I like very much this album. But on the top
of everthing else, it is the Hong Kong version! Hehe, you've
achieved every time I listen to these songs I'll think about you -
which make me happier.

Say again that I don't know how to be more grateful. You always
treat me very well. By the moment, I know more or less what to
send you (o^o^o)<(deng deng deng deng)

*Wawawa say you appear very beautiful in this photo. I hope I
can get a girl like this in the future ( ̄△ ̄)


2007年01月08日(月) 22時58分
q(^0^)p♪゚・♪゚・*♪ Happy☆Birthday

We can't be in touch lately but I hope you are alright and every-
thing is going perfect to you.

( ^_^)/Look after yoursefl- --!!

Wowow Sants new model ! ! 

2007年01月07日(日) 6時13分
Waaaaah, really love this JART skateboard model my stepbrother
has just got! !ヾ(´ー`)ノ

Thanks to TAC TIC shop for creating this model. To see Sants
in your skateboard is a pleasure since this place is too important.

Feel strongly to skate again because of seeing this new
equipment, but it is impossible hehe -(´д`),-

I think skateboarding is the best in my own.

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:にだ
誕生日: 6.28
出身地: Barcelona
身長: 173cm
体重: 70kg
好きな食べ物: ピザ、乙な味食料
ホビー: 音楽、語学、ゲーム、スポーツ
アーチスト: Mana様、KAMIJO、Kozi、KISAKI、HIZAKI、植松 伸夫、久石 譲 、天野 喜孝…
バンド: MALICE MIZER、LAREINE、Moi dix Mois、HIZAKI、ヴィドール、Janne Da Arc、彩冷える、Plastic Tree、ガゼット…
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