5 Pcs Cosmetics Mac Makeup Face Brushes Set

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 11:25
I agree with eenie below who said that the limited edition mac makeup wholesale set brushes are not as good as the full size ones. Nordstrom anniversary brush sets for example have gotten worse. The actual brushes not just the handles have gotten smaller and cheaper qaulity. The 266 small angle brush for example is not slightly stiff as it is in a full size version. Because of that its only good for applying eyeshadows rather than cream eyeliner, for cream eyeliner you need the brush to be slightly firm. For the most part Mac Brushes are the best!! They are not cheap but are also not the most expenisve. Best tools in the makeup industry in my opinion. I just got a great deal on ebay for a set of 8 professional brushes and I love it!! Definitely cant afford to buy 8 at the makeup counter but ebay is great, if you know exaclty which brushes you need get them on ebay and save yourself a small fortune. Love these brushes!! Its the makeup brushes that make the difference in makeup application rather than anything else.

Ass in brush form, that is what these are. I got them for free or I’d be pissed. Prickly and prickly. Most of them have gotten lost, or flung to the side in a fit of rage, but I’ll review the ones that I remember.Blush BrushSmall. Picks up pigment. Pokes face. Sheds. Black hairs all over my well applied blush. Boo.Powder BrushOnly slightly bigger than the blush brush, just as prickly. Sheds. Could easily be swallowed whole by a *real* powder brush like SK’s.Eyeshadow BrushSmall and prickly, we’re seeing a trend. Yoo floofy for eyeshadow, doesn’t concentrate the color in one spot. Boo.Cheap MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow BrushCheap. Small. Not prickly? How could this be? Skinnier than the $2 drugstore ones but it worked just fine until it broke 2 days later. Lip BrushSmall. Icky. Frighteningly similar to the cheap kiddie brushes that come in watercolor paint sets. Boo.

Wow, I think cheap mac makeup that was actually all of them. Craptacular, but they were free for me because my bad bad friend is a Mary Kay consultant and gave them to me. Hmm. Maybe she’s NOT such a good friend?Cheesy looking and the gold writing on the side to remind you what each brush is for wears off in no time, making them look even cheaper. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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