Bouncier Shoes Will Be Pride of Adidas

March 27 [Wed], 2013, 13:23
Adidas AG told the athletes: “Nothing is impossible”.

The company is taking a vow from the back of the field - the sixth place - beyond old rival Nike running shoes, it is recommended as a leading U.S. heart.

With its new $ 150 energy boost shoes and Sport shoes for men, commitment to user rebound, while consuming less energy, Adidas plans to win the $ 15 billion industry the above growth Legion players and drive sales, the world's largest running shoe market, where it has been working hard for many years.

So optimistic about what Boost revolution only, it has promised that this year sales of one million pairs of shoes, shoemaker.

In their own company was established in its target within five years beyond the Nike running shoes. It's like Nike movement vowed to sell soccer shoes rule in the national team and Bayern Munich in Germany, Adidas sponsored professional clubs.

Market research firm SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell, said: “Our goal is a steep hill to climb.”All categories of footwear products, which is the most crowded. Nike difficult to obtain a chunk of the business.”

Although the world's biggest football brand, adidas, has sold several decades of running shoes, it does not capture some critics called rigid and bulky Americans dedication than Nike shoes.

The “big difference” between the two companies is the U.S. market, Adidas Chief Executive Officer Herbert Hainer said.

He said that in other parts of the world, this is a head-to-head competition.

While Adidas is the No. 2 seller in the world, Nike sneakers, its flagship brand of running shoes in the United States accounted for 4.4%, according to the channel sports. This is a very good sixth place. Nike has 54% of smaller companies, such as the ASIC company Brooks Sports Company “and” new balance sports shoes company all lead to Adidas in the United States

The Adidas a way to promote the run, to start its operations in the United States, which is more important, to $ 380 million in 2006 after the acquisition, Reebok disappointed. Adidas wrote Reebok and other goodwill value by 265 million euros last week after re-assessment of its growth prospects.

Fashion table

Running is worth almost twice that, like football worldwide, hardcore marathon runners and sprinters, and novices driven into their first Turkey trot and fashion people buy everyday wear Nike release in neon. This may leave the best chance as Adidas, to meet 14% of its target revenue improved 17 one billion euros in three years to run in 2015.

In the United States, accounting for 40% of the global total, running shoes sales grew 8% last year, the proportion was 0.5%, in the national soccer shoes, according to the NPD Group Co., Ltd. in the worldwide consumer spending of $ 1.5 billion running shoes in 2011, an increase of 13%, the NPD report.

Adidas did not disclose the revenue sports, but in view of its limited market share in the United States have a lot of rooms for growth. In 2013, the company's business will be expanded to more than 10% for the third consecutive year, Heiner said.

“We believe, Boost is a game-changing product,” Heiner said.

Before it can win the marathon, Adidas obtain a place on the shelf. To create to hype energy boost shoes and Fashion shoes for women, Adidas released February 27 specialty shops in about $ 200, accounting for 10% of sales, but lucrative shaking. In July this year, the company plans to start to provide them with Foot Locker company, such as a nationwide chain of 2015, Adidas Boost technology will be used in running shoes.

The store sold in four days, business is booming, its slowest season allotment of 36 pairs, boss Kerry Hardy Turner said. His deeper impression, his staff groups running shoes.

Hartner, Adidas, Reebok and sales work before the shop opened in 2000. Said: “This is a real test, the staff actually wear them run?” Despite the disappointment, the brand Adidas in recent years, he has maintained a stock, hoping to turn for the better.
Tiny capsules

Boost only foam - With the development of BASF SE - is composed of thousands of tiny capsules, rather than on a piece of paper, like the traditional shoes, Adidas says. This makes it flexible, to improve comfort, and save energy at the same time, the company said.

These characteristics are often divided, according to Channel sports. The Cheap running shoes for sale has a lot of buffering is less stable, more energy is required. Minimalist shoes mimic the barefoot running - the last big shoes innovation - require less energy, but the lack of pads.

Their innovation in order to break through the clutter of claims brand Adidas three metal balls, concrete, traditional sports shoes foam and reinforced materials will be discarded, while relying on the marketing video. The ball hit accelerate rebound higher and longer than others.

Johanna Björken's buyer Jackrabbit sports company in New York, recently stopped providing a professional school chain Adidas shoes, because of poor sales. She said she did not see any change in the Boost mind.

Björken's said: “Now, there are more exciting things,”. BOOST “is not enough.”

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News on Adidas Crazyquick Footwear And Originals Shoes

March 27 [Wed], 2013, 13:23
adidas today introduces the Crazyquick performance footwear line, the latest innovation designed specifically to help make athletes quicker. The discount sport shoes Crazyquick line includes basketball, football, running and training footwear giving athletes greater controlled flexibility, better traction and optimal foot lock-down.

“We designed Crazyquick based on athletes' insights,” said David Baxter, vice president of sport performance for adidas America. “The sports landscape is rapidly changing as athletes get faster and games get more intense and competitive. Speed is important but no longer enough in today's game. Athletes know quickness is the defining factor in what distinguishes them when they're on the field and court.”

On March 5th, 2013, adidas Originals shoes launches its new 2013 global campaign “Unite All Originals”. At the center of the launch is the adidas collider hosted at, an online application letting people dive into a world of original content, where international artists from various disciplines collide to create something truly unexpected and unique. In addition to that “Unite All Originals” debuts with a 90-second hero film, created in collaboration with DJ/producer A-Trak and director & visual artist SoMe.

“The adidas collider is the perfect execution to bring “Unite All Originals” to life”, comments Hermann Deininger, CMO of the adidas brand; “It is an innovative way of navigating content across the web, showcasing many different types of originality; from music producers to designers and digital artists to sculptors. The adidas collider is the next step in how we will approach our consumer digitally bringing him or her to the forefront of culture and showcasing how adidas Originals brings people together to create new forms of originality.”

“Unite All wholesale fashion shoes Originals” is a digitally-lead, global initiative that will be active across advertising, PR, retail and online channels. March 5th marks the worldwide launch of the immersive digital experience, with unique content pieces showcasing creative collisions of select artists from different disciplines rolling out regularly. Select markets will also run TV advertising. The hero film, directed and visually treated by French director SoMe, shows taste-making DJ/producer A-Trak reworking his single “Landline” with ambient sounds from the footage to create an exclusive, unique new song.