Meilan Lake, League South II first round of the the Jishan leading professional group lead member group

May 11 [Fri], 2012, 13:41
Beijing time on May 9, 2012 Buick China Golf (microblogging) Ball League (microblogging), Southern Regional Contest in Shanghai Agile Binhai Golf Club expand the first round. 22 club teams from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Province, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian Province, gathered on the beach,XXIO MP600 Irons, put on a fantastic golf jihad. Final Shaoxing, Zhejiang Kuaijishan team with Shanghai Meilan Lake team were ranked in the top of the professional group and member group.

The first round of the South Second of a four-ball game begin promptly at 8:00 in the morning. Shanghai Agile Binhai Golf Club site weather today is quite good, cloudy, wind, relatively speaking not, the maximum temperature of 23 degrees, the player's game play is very favorable. Beginning of the game,XXIO MP600 Irons, players will quickly enter the state, the first three holes in most of the combinations birdie revenue.

After the end of the first round of the professional group,XXIO MP600 Irons, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Kuaijishan Golf Club team shot 140 (74-66) pole, the first round leading by four; 2008 championship Nanjing Gingko Lake team to produce 144 obtain a separate second place; Zhejiang Deqing Moganshan concept of cloud team,XXIO MP600 Irons, Ningbo, Zhejiang Kai team, and Oak Bay, Changzhou, Jiangsu team ranked tied for third place; 145 results representative of the host Agile Marina team to hand over 146 separate sixth row in the results of six behind the leader.

The next professional group ranked in order: 147, Haining,XXIO MP600 Irons, Zhejiang, Eagle's Nest team (72-75), in Lake Team 150 (76-74), Anhui Province Hing Mau team, Nanshan District, 154 (76-78), Nanjing, Jiangsu Wolong Lake Team 158 (78-80), Suzhou, Jiangsu Zhongxing Team 170 (94-76).

Professional group, on behalf of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Jishan team played a member of group cold Xing shock / Huang reputation combination was the most strong eye, they current round total caught six birds for the team from the top position in the professional group a decisive role. In particular, they have gains in the five hole of the Fairy Lake Stadium,XXIO MP600 Irons, a total grasp the three birds. Cold Xing Zhen said in the post-match interview: "Today, with the tacit understanding, the birdie, birdie the par, par, my teammate Huang reputation of performance is also very brave." Teammate Huang reputation summary of partner performance mentioned before did not give yourself too much pressure is a key factor. "Today's short putt to force, with the tacit understanding grabbed six birdies before the game and no goals,XXIO MP600 Irons, the leadership of the team just told us to come to exercise and enjoy the game." Said Huang reputation.

Professional group lead, Shaoxing Kuaijishan to club vice president Xu Xiaorong (microblogging), also mentioned: "last year's performance is unsatisfactory, the lead today feeling a bit surprised, but the results with the team after the league a few years grinding practice and usually the hard training is inseparable from the competition field coach, also participated in the training of coaches of the CGA, which is the team to a factor leading. "mentioned in the race's goal, XXIO MP600 Irons,Xu Xiaorong said still holding the attitude of learning, after five years of competition, the team's growth has been a great help.

Member Group Shanghai Meilan Lake team to hand over 137 (67-70), the advantage of four separate leading 141; Jiangsujintan Golden Bay team to obtain a separate two; Gingko Lake on behalf of Team 142 separate third place. Anji King Township team and Nanchang Poly represents the results of 143 ranked tied for fourth place; Shaoxing, Zhejiang Kuaijishan team to produce 146, ranked separately sixth; Zhejiang Wenzhou Orient Yangyi team to 148 obtain a separate 7.

In addition, Changzhou Oak Bay team, the Huaibei hole team, Agile coastal team tied for eighth place; Anhui Huangshan Pine team,XXIO MP600 Irons, Olympic team, Fuzhou Strait Jiangsu Nanjing Zhongshan team ranked tied for 11th bit.

Meilan Lake team left wing / Zhou Jie of combination to produce 5 under par 67 in the member group, while another team on behalf of the combination of Wu Lu Fu / Wang Zhengang to hand over 70 teams combination together to the ball team's total score ranking pushed to the top. Match interview, Zhou Jie mentioned before-wing and left school often play together, with the tacit understanding, the atmosphere is very relaxed. But in the game, the pair appeared in an episode "in the beginning of the game is a small episode, the club for a late, after two holes like the front nine I played better, grabbed three birds, nine left school wing play "Zhou Jie interview said. Zuo wing, half-jokingly referred to: "Fortunately, the club came back early,XXIO MP600 Irons, thanks to the speed of the taxi driver. 2 hole relaxation came for the birds."

Professional group or member group in 2008 Gingko Lake, the national championship team show should be the true nature of the first round of the professional group got a separate section 2 of the position, the member group to get a separate third position, although not leading the team, but I believe the potentially very strong, Nanjing Gingko Lake on behalf of the team leader of the "big pipe" Mr. Peng Yuye tell us about the team and the Buick league's bond,XXIO MP600 Irons, as well as the team won the course. Two years after they return to league stadium with the updated lineup still be able to bring a bigger surprise? Let us wait and see.

The game is just more than half of the achievement gap between the teams is not too large, there will be more changes in the leaderboard. 2012 Buick China Golf Club League South Central Division race tomorrow will be the second round, XXIO MP600 Irons,the game in the form of individual stroke play. After two rounds, and ultimately the professional group and member group will be decided at the two teams directly qualify for the finals of the year, and came in third to sixth place team will receive the South held on June 11 to 14 District semi-finals.

Brilliant Lexus anniversary 7th anniversary came to an end!

May 04 [Fri], 2012, 14:46
April 2012 coincided with spring, Beijing Borui Lexus usher in a 7-year-old birthday. Since the grand opening in April 2005 so far, to build stores contained, Beijing Borui has been in the customer care and care mature development,TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons,accompanied by a number of support riders concerned about heat Lexus gradually grow. To take to build stores the seventh anniversary celebration, held in Beijing Borui a series of anniversary promotions, and truth back the old and new riders. April 21, day of the event, Brilliant is carefully organize a warm celebration Borui warmth moments shared with the majority of owners.

Activities, opening links to the workshop director Song Zhenkui car owners explain in detail matters. Song Zhuren sense of humor about the form of practical and simple to use tips to make everyone rapt. Subsequent interactive sessions, the owners have put the failures encountered in driving the process, TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons,Song Zhuren 11 detailed answers, warm atmosphere, just 20 minutes, blink of an eye that is too. Then making a cake link to more fully mobilize the owners interest. Beijing Borui specially invited senior pastry chef, in simple terms the method of the whole experience of the cake was born in mind. The production began, the interest and vitality, the various elements of the most primitive of the dough, edible color fusion to produce their own both beautiful and delicious personalized cakes. Production site as if we return to childhood, young and old together into battle, the dough with your heart, well-designed,TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons, laughter filled the whole hall. After production, the pastry according to the standard selection of the date of the best "cake DIY" sent as prizes king-size Lexus Bear winner.

The third and final one-site lucky draw will be the celebration pushed to its climax, the lucky draw during April to buy the ES,TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons, the owners of the RX series models. Activities early, the staff will Polaroids of each owner into the draw box, we gathered in front of the lottery box, excited waiting for the fortune of coming. With a photo extraction, advanced digital camera card, 2 Year of the Dragon Jackie Chan limited edition SLR cameras, $ 20,000 worth of "Legend of the Seas" Japan-Korea on the 7th cruise ticket (double) a variety of large awards have owners, have a destination, but not be able to get the prizes Lexus toolbox Beijing Borui one, we face filled with expression of joy, this anniversary activities in the atmosphere warm and peaceful atmosphere came to a close.

The past seven years, held in Beijing Borui Lexus, a variety of colorful activities not only enrich the leisure life of the faithful car, TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons,while promoting each other's feelings. Beijing Borui Lexus for its own service has strict requirements, from sales to after sales to customers exceeding expectations of its experience as the theme. Emotional ties and 7, consistent, Beijing Borui Lexus look forward to in the coming days, continue with your peers, to provide you with Beijing Borui tailored for your exclusive enjoyment.

Beijing Borui Lexus is Toyota's Lexus brand in China's first batch of special sales and service shop. Formerly known as the Toyota Lexus, only one of northern China authorized service stations. Is part of Beijing Xianglong Brilliant Automotive Group, is one of the most perfect domestic facilities, the largest Lexus brand car dealership. Beijing Borui Lexus sales and repair times are ranked in 2009 Lexus Northern district, TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons,with excellent results, Beijing Borui reelection Lexus "Outstanding dealership" awards. Range of Lexus international standards to improve, the only one of the two Lexus model shop in 2010 Brilliant Lexus. Beijing the dragons BrightGene Corporation is the whole process of an automobile circulation, format, full-service for the purpose of the group of enterprises, the predecessor of the two parent company Beijing auto repair company and the Beijing old motor vehicle market in Beijing and even The country has a broad impact. Beijing Borui Lexus is relying on the Group 50 years experience in automotive service and has always been the core concept of "Passionate Pursuit of Perfection", the strict requirements of their own efforts to provide customers with the ultimate intimate human services, better service in the automotive life, TaylorMade Rocket Ballz RBZ Irons,all the time to create passion for your unforgettable experience!