DIABLO3: Mage: the most effective tools for three treasure to the ball

March 14 [Thu], 2013, 11:30
Recently to play diablo iii a little research was inspired by the infinite circulation of ice and snow snake flow, I have been using the snow before the set of skills snake flow, but to the A3 feel snow snakes too passive, rely mainly on poisonous snakes and storm damage, the output is not high. After I tried to turn ice infinite circulation, but every time washed up and being killed by a monster.D3 Gold
So I began to study how to survive in a guarantee situation, higher damage output, and then gave birth to the build, temporarily called whirlwind salamanders; flow.
Personally think that, under the condition of the equipment is not good, whirlwind salamanders; flow safer than ice infinite circulation.
Main idea: this set of skills in salamanders; and through electric output, constantly calling salamanders; damage (derived from the previously seen a video, salamanders; fire can remain for a long time, even if you call the new glorious salamander), through continuous crit and critical mass, reset the diamond skin cooling time to ensure their own survival.
Core attributes: crit, crit can back, hit back to life. I haven't tried under the worse equipment condition, according to personal experience crit is greater than 35%, best can crit back to more than 10 best, strike back to had better not less than 300. This build is not high to the requirement of seconds back, so you don't have to drive down health, supported by a lot of hits, HP is actually longer than more secure.
Advantages: snake flow damage is better than the snow, and more active, is viability as snow snake flow.
Faults: lack of control ability, monomer damage is low, especially when playing goblins, often playing the undead
Yan and change: the passive mental perception can change the flow of time, because my equipment is not good enough, back to high enough, so only use this skill. Can slow down the flow of time, can make up for the inadequacy of the build controlDiablo III Gold
Similarly illusion master under the support of a critical mass effect is not so good, I use magic master, is to limit to ensure my survival. Defensive attributes good players, can replace this skill.www.diablo3bay.com
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