the last lesson 

December 29 [Thu], 2005, 18:05
i attended the last English conversastion lesson of James,who is a teacher at Last Resort (Sapporo office),on Desember 27th.
it is sad that someone who is close to me has gone to far far land.
he said that he would return in 3years.
3years.....umm...time is still so long for me, though i thought time would always pass so fast. i changed my thoght about time. time gose so slowly in sometime.

i'm 15 now and will go to university before 3years will pass.
it mean i might not be able to see him again.

which is much sadder,

someone gose to strange land alone


someone loses his friend from ordinary life ???

English club 

December 14 [Wed], 2005, 22:41
Hello again!:)

today, i went to the meeting of English club,which is only club i'm taking part in.
and we decided to have a Xmas party on the same day of next week !!!
i want to eat cakes...i like sweets a lot !!! ;)

oh,and we talked about "boy friend".
some say,we don't need any boyfriends now.
umm...i...dont' think so.
but i'm agree this words ↓

"Don't cry for boys. they aren't worth your tear.
Cry for the one who is worth to your tear !
cos he won't hurt you ! "

i think...they are neice words.
what do you think of this words ???


December 11 [Sun], 2005, 20:05
This is the first diary.;)
i made new years cards of 2006 for my friends.
it was arduous!!!
so, i put off making.ahhh i got really tired.X(

Oh, by the way, i haven't said what i like.
if you are interested in, i wanna talk about them.

first, i like films.
mosy favoriy films ...umm... i can't decide!!!
...i like funny films, moved films... %(
...umm...well i like films which have some moving and tell me something strong the most.

second i love Britain!!!
i'm thinking about going stady abroad in there.
in fact, i'm going there as a homestay visit next March.( 1 day after my birthday on short on 20th)
why i'm interested in that country...well,i like it's building.tha's the biggest reason why i like there.:)
i like the way of British people's speaking ,too.(...i don't know the reason.)
and, british artists!!! D-SIDE and McFLY the most!!! know what and what!?
i met D-SIDE on September 21st!!!
there was their paformance at the verrry small bar, so i could saw them verry verry verrrrrrrrrry close!!! i sat the just befor Shane!!! Wow!!!
i won't forget that day in the rest of my life!!!X)

i stop writing today.:)
thanx to your readeing!!!


November 16 [Wed], 2005, 17:31
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