Cao was angry emperor excitedly raid

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:45
How can we ask the king to Zao was established as a crown prince, Zao that only seize the opportunity to eradicate Prince. Zao
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In fact, the king has always coveted the throne, but the name is not correct words ring true. For their own interests, the king told Su Yi-Shen Wenbo exercise to speed Hejian investigation Jianggong Gong to leave clues, find out the secrets of Prince, Prince gave a fatal blow. The king has lied and punishment of greeting that will be released three days later Shen Zi Mu. Shen Lixing farewell father is still in prison, and Su Qing went Hejian investigative overflow. This whole situation is Liu Ji camp to look in the eyes.
Here, Prince obey the emperor decree, his mother listened to the teachings of the Prince considered himself emperor will not be difficult. Liu Ji believes emperor summoned the prince, prince or emperor showed very friendly, he let Prince truthfully inform the Emperor Xuan Wu Zongbing things they have seen, so as to lift the Emperor Prince suspicion. Sure enough, after the emperor to see Prince, that furious. Prince to his mother taught their words relative. Cao Yuan emperor anger,
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London London Plated Zip Sneakers In White to take down their clan. Sun dried to Cao Jiaxuan when reading the decree, see Cao brother and sister as a matter of the separation of the endless bickering, he read the decree to be confiscated possessions as a punishment Cao Cao Yuan had abetted the prince. Cao was later copied, please Cao Yi Liu Ji Liu Fu grace to a poly. Liu Ji powerless to express their frustration to Cao Yi grace and assistance Cao Some drafts. Cao Yi grateful grace determined to avenge his father, Liu Ji thereby persuade Cao Yi En represents its best to help the idea of revenge, he would like to take Cao arouse desire for revenge, to achieve the purpose of Collateral.
See the emperor Cao confiscated possessions, the Queen was worried for his son's future, she knelt at the entrance hall until the emperor agreed to interview himself. Emperor couples then have discord, they each own interests in mind. Here, after Zao leave arrangements apprentice watching the dialogue between the emperor and empress. Queen really pleading for his son, the emperor said he was taking part for the prince to make, allegedly attempted to grab the throne was very disappointed. At this time, the Queen had to quickly put all the
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After saying Shen Zi Mu prison, ready to find help Li Wei Shen Lixing investigation, accident that the king to entertain yourself. The king in gratitude for their help Shanghai Lixing, Shen Zi Mu promised king will effect pleasures of his labor. Qi left the palace, and hastened to find old friends Shen Zi Mu Li Wei, Li Wei in the learned, the customs people have used this martial arts thing. Shen Zi Mu decided to check it out the customs.
Here, Queen orchestrated Prince doing about this crisis.