2005年10月27日(木) 17時01分
I have had a nosebleed for straight four or five days... I usually dont blow my nose...and nose is not stuffed up....hmmm.....probably I didn't sleep that much...
Today, I had a nosebleed three minutes ago...hahaha..

I had a meeting with my team members...we just string what each member wrote together...they are doing great!!! (I'm trying to do my best...) the paper for group work's due is 11/ before that we need to go to the writing center to check everything we do is girl volunteer for going there this Thursday or Friday.

study week 

2005年10月25日(火) 17時40分
I'm sure that this week will be busy...I have two exams, on next Monday, and Wednesday and group project(due is on next Wednesday) and two quiz....BYOB...omg im gana die...

anyways, I had a meeting of group project in this morning, and we read all papers every member writes. We found some mistakes and made suggestions each other. On this Wednesday, we are going to have a meeting again...I think that we still have time for its improvement....hopefully...

I then finish weekly assignment for another class. I took long time to do the shit!!
its all about statistics....i really like this class...juss cuz i like statistics..and doing A in the thinking of goin to grad school, master of acc...working as an accountant
as another thinking of being an analyst..related to acc...probably finance...

i should research about this kinda really excited!!!!!!!

Time flies when you are having fun 

2005年10月23日(日) 22時52分
I came back home around 6 o'clock. Yesterday I was at my friend's house and just yapped away for hours. We talked about our futures, tests, of course, girls. haha. I had a good time with them last nite.

Today, I was with one of my friends at starbucks, she told me she learned something good from someone else. Its about a career. What kind of person do you want to work with? The majority of people say "people who you can respect" How can you be a person like that? One way is you treat people as you would with to be treated. Specifically, she is saying that when you want to complaint people, you want to praise them first and then say something wrong with them...the point is that you dont scold mercilessly.

Another lecture she told me is about a fact of life. That is, bad news travel quickly.
It means you never know how small your community is...for example, you do something bad, within a couple days everyone knows it even if they dont know who you are...liek they never see you and talk you..its really weird..but this is how your community is. hahaha.


2005年10月21日(金) 10時02分
Today, I didnt do anything...last nite i went to bed around 6 a.m. (staying up late is my custom)...i know its bad..

anyways, i woke up like 2 pm. I then started to use the for TCA 422. I kinda had trouble with the assignment for this class...tried to figure it out except for one question. Eventually, I gave up and sent an email to the professor.

I ate hamburgers at Inn and out. It wasnt long time before I ate it. So I kinda felt sick cuz I tried to avoid the kinda food, which made me fat ass...(maybe I shouldnt eat first food anymore) hahaha

Later, I went to the library to study...actually try to study...


2005年10月20日(木) 9時59分
A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Venetian to see my mentor. I looked around, and met other managers, executives. I also observed how he works and what he does exactly. He showed me in detail, took an example of a customer, how much money he spent last time in the venetian and other hotels and how much moeny he has now in his bank account and his private information, such as his age, marriage, etc. I was so surprised at how he forecasted by using the kind of materials. I also got in the VIP rooms, in which people sepnt much more moeny than you can expect.
anyways, after that, I invited him and met him today. We just looked around and talked about my classes, my GPA (haha), after graduation, girls(haha)...etc. We then ate lunch at east boy. It was my second good experience.
In the end, he invited me to come to the venetian again to see his boss(he was in macau when i went there) and accounting manager, and finanical vice-president.
I'm really excited, looking forward to seeing them.


2005年10月19日(水) 16時40分
When I woke up in this morning, i found out it was raining, which disppointed me. And then, I missed economic class, I kinda expected my friends to go there. But they didn't go, either. haha. So I stayed at home for a whole day. I was doing the computer...BYOB...and then I cooked pasta for dinner...later my friends, Jason and Herbe, came to my room, and we studied together. I had fun with talking and studyin with them.

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