made directly to her crazy

July 01 [Mon], 2013, 18:49
Massive crowd began to slowly dispersed, that several hands-on people who have long been thwarted by plainclothes captured,Oakley Active Sunglasses, cross jǐng appear on the road, the crowd evacuation side, side to restore the orderly traffic. Zhang Gongzai and fresh air has long been invisible ghost, television photojournalist Mike, is holding his cell phone camera shot of being smashed, turn phone camera at yourself, expressive, said: "These are our station About Today safeguard sovereignty big parade holiday interviews, fell on my hand smashing cameras, boycott Japanese goods, starting with me! thank you concern, I was photographer Chun-Ming Lee. "Hey, this kid actually groan a meritorious service , Yangmingliwan opportunities. Liuying Nan wanted to express contempt for his feelings, but he did not work, in front of mutations HONG Xia has made him cope, but come. This chick just cry splinters, as if by some great grievances, like riding a bike punctured hymen wildly, but Liuying Nan just comforting one, chick immediately grabbed his drifted, as if caught being secretly removed shrew SMS husband, is the meal vocal spray, spray was Liuying Nan incredibly hard, as if the idea that nozzle. Liuying Nan Hui Guoshen yet, in front of Inquiry in anger and some distorted face suddenly relaxed, like a bud bloom, bud from wrinkled into a beautiful flower, that sweet smile makes Liuying Nan's heart drunk , but also some trepidation Liuying Nan, said in June the day, the child's face, crying and laughing when changing to describe a child, but a woman's face is like the end of October, early November northern sky, sometimes thunder and lightning, sometimes torrential rain, wind and sometimes mingled with snow, hail, fog and sometimes, unpredictable, and hard to detect. Like this time, she had just been sprayed Liuying Nan was like Gouxue head, and now she has for him, revealing a brilliant sweet smile, which is included with love and heartfelt smile, Liuying Nan no doubt that this woman smile only against the most beloved people to expose, sweet with a happy medium. She slowly reached out and gently stroked Liuying Nan's face, warm palm rubbed some of his stubble chin, his eyes gentle enough, sweet and greasy, said: "The first time I discovered that you are so cute, handsome, charming. "" Then you must also remember that today and this evening to be cute, handsome, charming man cross on it? "Liuying Nan is a very easy to meet, good coax people, because no one has ever had to coax him, especially women, to treat a woman's gentle, he does not have any ability to parry, belonging to the point of the sun on the bright type. Liuying Nan smiled at Inquiry in very serious nod, Liuying Nan ecstatic, may at this time, HONG Xia's face was changed from just a sweet smile, suddenly became frantic, biting her frowning his teeth, sucking air upon her chin, hands intertwined, but not ah rub rub, sometimes scratched his back, sometimes across his chest, this is people nervous, anxious little trick, HONG Xia suddenly pulled Liuying Nan's hand said: "The cross on'd be, but we must be careful, or else, I think, or do not, if you are pregnant how to do? bleeding how to do? Or how do we have infertility?" Liuying Nan scratching their heads, which is a crazy performance, he hate channel: "You in the end is the fear of pregnancy or infertility afraid ah?" "I'm afraid." Inquiry in an affirmative answer: "Not only that, if my gynecological and you The male disease cross infection how to do? well, you know there are a lot of bacteria in the oral cavity, and I found that you often do not wash their hands, and my skin is very sensitive, "Liu Yingnan speechless, this is really a typical unfounded, before the fear of wolves tiger scared ah. Although he only gave those ghosts goblins do psychological counseling, but for psychology and jīng mental illness, neurology have some research, the performance of Inquiry in this case were depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder may be. "Or not, I obviously have promised to cross on to you, if the reason because I refuse you, I'm afraid you will blame me, I do not want to disappoint you, hey, this blame me too useless" Inquiry in a sudden turn-lipped , they began complaining together. "That" Liuying Nan looked at changing some of her hairy,Oakley Radar Sale, with weak, said: "If you worry too much, in fact, I would not mind, I can wait, too deliberate cross on there's no fun." "Who said that." Hung Xia suddenly sound overstating, an arm around the neck of Liuying Nan said: "I did not have fun? cross on the best things in life, is the most perfect expression of love, is the best way to promote feelings, I am very pleased to be with you fork fork, because I love you, and you are willing to establish deepest feelings, I am very happy tonight and you will be able to cross on, I feel I am the happiest person in the world, why do we have to wait for the evening,Oakley Active Sunglasses, you do not have time do? "Liu Yingnan a white rì declared yín think is the most wonderful experience, just to promise HONG Xia, immediately went to part-time room when HONG Xia look has changed again, grimacing, crying with weeping yù Mo Yang, people watching while sad, her snuffling, choking: "I, I think my dad, he just leave the elderly, with endless regret gone, had not been able to see her daughter neat The virgin daughter did not drink tea, do not have a grandson, and he also mentioned the elderly leaving you and say thank you for your help, but he does not know you are his future son, if he knows that nice, But at the moment I believe he is watching us, "despite Liuying Nan know, Hong Father in heaven can not, chances are the first layers of hell, but it still sucked together accompanied HONG Xia nose, and he also found Inquiry in too normal, a short time her face more often staggering, almost every word has a different mood, respectively, showed joy, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, surprise impassioned, and each an emotion is very real, not like in the acting, although pork on a skewer is a big thing, Inquiry in some tension, some expectations, which can be understood, but as impassioned six yù have manifested it? Liuying Nan Some understand that this is simply not the Inquiry in their emotions in a volatile, but she found a fresh air ghost road, her body is a little weak, it should be some loss of yang, but also fresh air ghost It is taking various emotions of the gas injected into her soul, her earlier actions, is entirely the other person's impassioned six yù the manifestations of its own. If so Liuying Nan also do not care, can be the most frightening thing is that emotions can not be adjusted once HONG Xia, a variety of emotions by others struggle, she disarray, cut, their thinking will also become confused, Finally even collapse, crying and laughing when it becomes a madman. This must be that black Zhang Gongzai plan because HONG Xia is a reporter, but also recorded his earlier picture, because many people, he is not easy to expose themselves, but can not use the phone taken away HONG Xia, we can only Fresh air instigated ordinary people see ghosts on the Inquiry in to start, so that fresh air to the others swallowed a ghost with a wide range of emotions erosion of Inquiry in the air, made directly to her crazy, that time nobody will believe a the words of a madman.
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