Preserve your laptop battery

July 27 [Fri], 2012, 15:29

Preserve your laptop battery

Regardless of laptop use, old or new, there are things you can do to prolong your battery life and longer on a single battery charge.Maintenance of batteries to store the battery contacts clean. Turn off and unplug your laptop. Remove the battery. Use a cotton swab moistened with rubbing alcohol to destroy the metal contacts on the battery and inside the laptop. Allow to dry before you reinstall the battery. laptop battery type determines how it should be charged. In contrast to the older generation of nickel-based (NiMH) batteries, modern lithium-ion batteries can be partially unloaded and reloaded with no harmful effects, but should allow the battery completely exhausted.

Similarly, the battery during discharge, that is to say, when we use the laptop as internal short-circuit the battery or a defect of the design, if the temperature of work exceeds the maximum capacity was reduced, the loss of life, but also the serious situation of explosive, baking and other incidents on the appropriate use of accumulatorsLithium-ion battery, light-weight, high capacity, long life. Mobile batteries is the best choice right is fully exploit their advantages and longevity.

Only about 50% capacity, of each other and can be used, the ranking after a thorough lack of use when fully charged, and not run out before the second full of energy, so necessary, after three consecutive cycles, the battery is easy to achieve the best condition.

Lithium-Ion battery must be selected to give a dedicated lithium-ion battery charger (because of their large charging current), otherwise the effect is not loading, so that the capacity reduction. Dedicated lithium-ion battery charger, lithium-ion battery can be implemented to slow charge and fast charge.lithium-ion have no memory effect, without the forced discharge before each charge, as long as you keep the battery charging current is reached, both to save battery power, without wasting the life cycle.Lithium-ion batteries can not be exposed to high temperatures above 60 °C, and not close to a fire .

Why sometimes does not load the battery for power, as in the above situation in the following way:The type of battery and charger does not match: when you purchase the lithium battery using nickel-metal hydride charger, lithium or NiMH battery charger. Lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride battery charging requirements in various ways , which requires the charger must have the appropriate settings of conversion charges, if you are using a nickel metal hydride battery litowy when the voltage of the battery life reaches the limit, to a constant current load.

Internal lithium battery automatically shut off supply voltage protection, one to prevent the rapid electrochemical reactions in the batteries of the guidance system caused the explosion happened, so I do not fully charge or will not be charged for electricity, etc. If a dedicated battery charger Li-ni- mh battery charger, lithium battery charger with constant current to constant voltage charging Ni-MH battery can be fully activated in the material will eventually lead the system is not fully saturated phenomenon.

The battery does not lead to electricity, batteries and chargers are often also due to present the terminals under the access to undesirable or without internal Charger AC and DC (AC/DC) current Exchange does not charge for electricity, many cheap and worse the charger to charge the batteries often similar situation . Select charger manufacturer’s support in order to charge the battery;select brand-name manufacturers produced lithium, Ni-MH Charger compatible; can not be freeloaders, mistakenly buy low quality.

By chemical oxidation, it has created tiny holes in the graphene sheets, which serve as shortcuts to the ions as they pass from the cathode to the anode to find their place between two sheets of graphene. They no longer have to go through the sides of the leaves, “which takes so long that it creates a traffic jam on the banks of ionic material. “This discovery helps to reduce by ten the duration of the load.

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