thank you 

November 22 [Sat], 2008, 22:12
thank you very much for all the yapme requests
now i have 70 yapme friends and i'm really happy about that

well the reason because i don't write in my yaplog is that i moved to ameba
BUT.. sometimes i'll write in my yaplog too

i you want to have my new blog please write a comment and a reason why you want it

haha.. my english sucks i have to practise more

shiyu - attention please 

October 25 [Sat], 2008, 7:08
today i finsihed my new cosplay
shiyu attention please.. i really like this outfit a lot and it's my best
i've ever made

i know.. i stopped with shiyu and eiji.. but i had to make it

well that's all what i have to tell.. at the moment my live is very boring.. i always go to school and study a lot.. but it is very funny
and i'm very happy at the moment
next month i'll move again.. near my school

well.. see you

hiron - J∀CK11 cosplay #1 

October 25 [Sat], 2008, 7:02
i noticed that i don't load pictures up from one of my cosplays

long time ago i made this ..
hope you like it

hiron - J∀CK11

it was very difficult to sew.. but i'm very proud of it

long time ago.. 

October 10 [Fri], 2008, 6:36
long time ago that i wrote here tghe last time..
since school started I don't have much time to write into my blog

the school is really nice i like it a lot.. but some people there are really strange..
i was really surprised because the school is so big
i hope i don't get lost in the school


August 25 [Mon], 2008, 0:29
what a nice weather today ne ?

i love the sky

next week i'll visit missy together with jasmin
i'm so happy to see her again after animagic


August 25 [Mon], 2008, 0:24
today my Lizlisa things arrived
thank you uhu for order it for me >_<

i'm soo happy the dress is really nice i'm so in love with the things
i hope i can soon buy again but at the moment i don't have money

if you want to see it please go to my poupee


July 28 [Mon], 2008, 7:35
i'm so bored。。。
after sewing all the day i have nothing to do only watch movies
i wish someone could visit me again

えいじ in the webcam。。isn't he cute ?

i love him so much


July 28 [Mon], 2008, 7:32
my cat together with えいじ aren't they cute ?


July 28 [Mon], 2008, 7:16
today my friend which visited me one week went home again。。。
now i'm alone in my new apartment
i hate it beeing alone

well。。 after that my friend went home again
i visited miu。

together with えいじ on the way to miu

long time ago that we saw each other the last time
we watched a movie and talked about old times
afte rthat i went back home again。。
and now i'm scared。。 one week left than my new school will start

finally i decided to write more often。。
maybe one or two times a week。。 we'll see


July 17 [Thu], 2008, 22:44
missy my friend gave me her two lolita dresses

yesterday i made some pictures with one of them ~
i don't know but i like the pictures a lot

thats one of those pictures
i like this dress a lot.. thank you very much missy

3 days left then i'll live alone
but missy promised me that sh'll visit me very often
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