getting cold 

October 09 [Fri], 2009, 19:16
long time no see

ive been lived in chiba since May 25th, 2008.
it took more than one year.

I have a boyfriend who lives in chiba, we met here and we get together one year.
He's very kind and obedient, but I am so self-fish, so I task his spiritual.
For example, if i want to go to shopping, actually he doesnt.
he wants to stay in home to sleep or play TV game.
we go to shopping by force.

its not good.

i have to be nicer.

sorry tomo.

i love you so much.

the Hawaiian Retaurant 

March 02 [Sun], 2008, 22:00
Yesterday i went to the Hawaiian restaurant with my friends.
After that we went to the movie theater to watch the Golden Compass.

The Hawaiian food was very delicious!
I ate Hawaiian style of BBQ.
It was awesome!
It tastes like normal BBQ, but the meat was so tender.
I ate all of them.

Actually, I don't eat eat such amount in Japan because I don't like meat...

I wanna try another Hawaiian food.

I ate many different countries' food during staying in US such as Korean food, Thai food, Taiwan food(Chinese), Mexican food, American food, Indian food, and Philippines food.

It is good time to know about other food.
I never eaten and knew such a different food...

I wrote heart because my friends are improving their skills, so I am proud of them.


February 29 [Fri], 2008, 23:15
Hello guys,

how are you doing?

Today is Friday in America!
I love Fridays because the next day is Saturday, so I can take a rest

Tomorrow, I'm gonna study with my friends in the library.:]

I have to remember for Monday.
I have a presentation on Geology class.
Oh, I'm so nervous!

And it will be final speech...

Oh, the time is so fast.

Today I watched a movie with Beth, Emma, Kevin and Kana.

I'm so happy that I could meet them!:] especially Beth and Emma.

I saw Kevin who is Beth's boyfriend!:D
He seems very kind and today he is tired...
but he seems to try to understand me. I'm so glad!
Thank you Kevin,:D

I gave letters to Emma and Beth.

I wanna meet them before I leave to Japan.

Yeah, we can meet!

Thank you anyway.

I went to Safe Way and Fred Mayor! 

February 26 [Tue], 2008, 21:20

Today after class I went to Safe Way by foot, but after that my room mate asked me to go to glossary shopping to Safe Way or Fred Mayor, so I said OK.

We went to the Fred Mayor with her.

It was good time to talk about school and life with her.

And also she asked me to go to Hawaiian restaurant to eat dinner before I go back to Japan.

I can't wait!!

Tomorrow I'm gonna play tennis with Megumi, Ken, Brian and Ken's friend.

I love to play tennis, so it's gonna be fun.

I ate rice.>< 

February 23 [Sat], 2008, 5:55
Today I ate rice. These days I didn't eat rice, so it was so delicious!
I thought I don't eat dinner, but I did.

I wonder when I can meet my friends.

korean food bibimbab 

February 22 [Fri], 2008, 22:57

Today I went to Korean restaurant!
I ate Bibimbam that was stone rice!
It was so delicious!

I wanna eat again

And today I watched a movie which was "bondage point" about how main character finds terrorists who took Mr. President of United State. Terrorists who were including one of Secret Service Agent, so I was so surprised because I didn't think that "he" was enemy!

Finally, main character found Mr. President, so I was relief.

And also, from this week, I have been going on diet for him.:]
I have to be beautiful and cute>
Let's do it!!

Thank you.
Megumi Mori


February 22 [Fri], 2008, 13:44
Hello guys,

this is Megumi!
How are you doing?

Tomorrow is HAPPY FRIDAY!!
Im so happybecause I have a plan to go out with my friends.:D

I am going to watch a movie with my one of my friend who is very very awesome Japanese girl!

She always helps me when I am in trouble.
She is good friend!!

Moreover, I got my best friend's mail today, and she said that "he" went to the convenience store that my best friend works to buy a candy.
He bought a just candy!
That's so cute I think because he seemed really wanted to eat the candy.

I want to exchange with him, but it's OK because he and other people are busy to work I know that.

I wanna see him and other my friends!!
I wanna talk with him!!>
so I will lose my weight!
Finally, I got a reason to go on a diet again!

Her country 

February 15 [Fri], 2008, 19:59
Today I met Korean girl who was same class mate last quarter.
Her name is Emilee and she is now 22-year-old.
She goes university in Korea.
Her major is psychology.

We were taking psychology last quarter.
I couldn't do very well, so she always helped me.

She is very kind and smart.

She will go back her home on 20th in this month.
I will miss her because she is my good friend...

She is very cute and good characteristic.

We didn't watch a movie today, but I spent good time with her.
We just talked though.

Thank you Emilee.

I will definitely visit Korea!
Take care!


January 19 [Sat], 2008, 8:55

i am so worrying about my future...
because i dont think that i can pass my classes...

one of my friend who lives in japan and we were good friend when we were elementary school said "things are that how we think".
i means if you think negatively everything is negative, if you think positively you will think that is better.

i know that is concept, but i cant help to thinking or considering negatively.

because i want to go back to japan

i dont want to study any more!

but i will be fine because i exchange mails with him and my friends though mixi!!
i am so happy!

they are so nice.

thank you so much.

even though the boy who has never talked to me is replying my message.
i appreciate you!:D

i want to talk with him.:D
because he seems impressed. phenomenal!

and also i have to lose my weight...
this shape will be surprised for my good friends.
i cant control my eating feeling, though...

i have to do something for my plan.

OK, see ya!
Megumi Mori

PS。.:*・゜(n´D`)η゚・*:.。.ミ ☆

Kana, thank you everything.:D
I am so happy that my friend is you!

you are different with others because you say what is important to me.


go back to japan 

January 17 [Thu], 2008, 0:50


Today, I have afternoon class.
It will have test.
I don't like test.

And today I speeched in front of six people.
I guess I could talk better than before.
but still not enough to be like a native speakers...

I exchange my mind!

Let's try and let's do hard as my best!

thank you.
Have a good day.
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