The food safety training is conducted in Levels

August 24 [Sat], 2013, 11:31

Food safety is a must know for all those working in the food business. It's not only a mandatory requirement to have food safety certification, but also morally the right thing to do.

Here are ten good reasons why you should have food safety training:

1) It's important to handle your food safely to preserve it at its peak quality. You would learn about the right temperatures to store your food, keeping them at the right temperatures can inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may spoil your food or make you ill. It also helps maintain the tasty look and feel of the food for others to enjoy their dining experience.

2) You learn how to preserve and enjoy the food while keeping its nutritional benefits intact.

3) When you handle your food safely, you handle it efficiently. There is less wastage of food if you know how to store it and for how long.

4) With the training, you learn how to work in an atmosphere with others who observe the same practices.

5) You get to air jordan 12 retro cheap know about the correct way of using appliances and handling your food.

6) Safe food handling saves you and others from falling ill. There may be people allergic to certain food items, but with the training you'll learn how to keep them safe.

7) When you have the food safety training for your employees, you inform them about the dangers and make them aware, legally.

8) You inspire confidence in others, when they learn you have undergone food safety training, and also, it sets a good example for you and your family at home.

9) If observed correctly, safe food handling practices can save you money and legal expenditures on unnecessary lawsuits.

10) You get a certificate to air jordan spizikes for sale display on the wall!

The food safety training is conducted in Levels 1 to 4:

Levels 1 and 2 cater to the Operative Roles. It covers basic air jordan 7 retro for sale food hygiene according to EU regulations. It is aimed to chef, cooks and people who carry and handle food.

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