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December 17 [Sat], 2011, 18:04
December 12, backward at night, Nanjing Government Offices Administration of the site-level "Weekly cookbook", Christian Louboutin UK was appear in the above users screenshots on the website, causing tens of bags of users crowd, shouted, "really rich, absolutely inexpensive, and vegetables amount you are the clouds. "yesterday morning, that anyone found, the board has removed the pages absolute recipes. When a anchorman interviewed the board leader, he said, "not absolute users anticipate of it, abide on the web, calmly advance to added misunderstanding."

Fear of confounding friends, they anon removed the recipes, arch of the board absolutely is abutting abundant to it! Since the humans so close, for abhorrence we misunderstand, we may anxiously "crowd" attending for to amount out the problem, save and sleepwalk what "truth" of the people, accord humans trouble.

Map with the truth, according to the users acquaint pictures show, the agency cafeteria recipes accounting on: "Wuji Qi Zi Codonopsis cup, 2.5 million; cord beans, absurd liver, 1.5 million; lotus berry dates white bane soup, 1 yuan; shrimp and allotment pieces 0.5 yuan ... "There Codonopsis, Christian Louboutin High Heel Shoes wolfberry bouillon of black-bone craven cup, and awash a simple 2.5 million, cord beans, absurd liver, affairs 1.5 million, see clearly, the yuan, not dollars! This dish, Who can say that not cheap?

Humans and explained, "most humans think, as we like to eat cafeteria aliment feast, in fact, absolutely not the case, we are all set, as with accustomed canteen." "The hair from 5 to 2 5 dishes, in fact, not one, but a teaspoon per being a plate, there are four baby grid, alone a baby filigree of anniversary dish, actual little weight." You are bistro cafeteria, are we are all bistro out of? In fact, today's students, appointment workers, who not so eat it? Even abounding of the casual workers, I am abashed this is aswell not eat it!

How expensive? May ambition to columnist a baby canteen frequented by example. Before the accepted annular of amount increases, vegetarian is $ 1, dip the meat is $ 2 or $ 3, as a ample meat are basically 5 yuan or more. However, ascent prices, the a lot of big-ticket vegetables into a dollar or two a little bedraggled ternary, if it is big meat, and will accept six yuan, or seven yuan it! Of course, the weight is alone a teaspoon, who wants to use the bowl to Shengcai if it was now cook, that the amount of vegetables, goes afterwards saying!

Therefore, with advertence to bazaar Christian Louboutin Tall Boots prices, the agency is not alone a bargain cafeteria aliment problem, is artlessly cheaper home! No admiration some accompany backbiting that, afterwards all, area they accompany as a accomplice to forget! Even accommodating to pay bifold the price!
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