Diablo 3 Wizard Leveling Tips

March 28 [Fri], 2014, 17:55
Here I want to share the diablo 3 wizard guide of leveling tips for you.
1.Verify vendors for upgrades as quickly as you possibly can. You are able to jump right as much as 15-20 dps. Otherwise you will be waiting for random drops which can suck.
2.Tap V to determine enemy health bars (this only shows enemies that you have hit at least once).
3.At level 15 you can get a Socketed Arming Cap off the auction house to get a few hundred gold. Throw the nicest Ruby you are able to afford into it (Flawless Square Ruby) and this may give you 10-20% more encounter per kill.
4.When casting a great deal of ranged spells, hold the SHIFT key to make sure you do not miss click and finish up sending your character closer to them. Whenever you hold shift, it guarantees your character will shoot whatever it is you told it to in that direction. It'll most likely still hit the enemy.
5.As you level, look for items around the auction house with a max buyout of 2,000-3,000 gold. Revisit the auction house each couple of levels to keep your character decked out within the fanciest stuff. This may help immensely and get you to level 30 faster than you thought feasible.
6.Tap ESC when quest dialogues come up to pass by them (this works for cinematics as well, but you might enjoy them if it's your initial time via)
7.Tap ALT to see items that have dropped.
Hope the diablo 3 wizard guide will help you level up rapidly.
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