Examples of deterministic effects

September 19 [Fri], 2014, 4:21
Threshold dose and (threshold dose), and receives exposure above a certain level in the radiation, is that the dose is threshold deterministic radiation effects occur, but the deterministic effects of threshold doses, there is a stochastic effect that has been postulated that there is no threshold dose.

Examples of deterministic effects, affect on the fetus, the occurrence of malformations caused by exposure during the period of organogenesis, the threshold dose is 100mGy and (mGy). However, the average radiation exposure of the fetus in radiation diagnosis, becoming abdominal shooting 1.4mGy, barium enema examination 6.8mGy, abdominal CT 8.0mGy, etc. pelvic CT 25.0mGy, Yes This threshold dose 100mGy http://marklester.co.uk/ear-defenders-for-babies-baby-protection/ smaller exposure , it is said not considered to have a significant effect.

Examples of stochastic effects, which can lead to cancer or leukemia by exposure to X multiple testing. Has been estimated in the United States, inspection by the CT scan has been performed 70 million of more than a year, and cause the development of cancer 20 000 90 000 and of these were related to CT in the future .

Note, it is not the threshold dose for the stochastic effects, proportional to the exposure dose. According to this assumption, the probability of impact is not zero, but the amount of exposure in the radiological examination of normal routine, it is claimed that it will not be such a problem. On the other hand, if the pregnant women receive radiation diagnosis, up to and there is no need to consider any risk to the fetus and there is also reported that there is a relationship proportional relative risk of the fetus and the number of X-ray inspection There is uncertainty that can not be said, definitive conclusions can not come out.

In addition, the increase in incidence is not clear statistically in exposure 50~200mGy less in leukemia. In X-ray examination of normal, there is also a claim chest 0.04mGy, abdominal 0.4mGy, lumbar 1.4mGy, is upper gastrointestinal tract 8.2mGy about, as long as you do not do inspection of extreme number of times, that there is no need to worry.
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