Nissan even lower crude supply pressure eased Sanxun

April 15 [Wed], 2015, 16:51

Under the influence of environmental pressure, profits shrink, financial constraints and other factors, the March of domestic steel production enthusiasm gradually diminish, focusing steel prices even lower Sanxun crude steel output to nearly two-year low, the supply pressures continue to ease the pressure. Analysts believe that the slump in ore prices, environmental pressures decreased after steel prices will increase enthusiasm for production, post or crude steel production will rise, but thanks to the shopping season to boost demand, the supply pressure will tend to ease.

China Iron and Steel Association latest statistics show that in late March, the key steel enterprises daily crude steel output fell 2.18 percent to 1.6133 million tons, the most since late January 2013. The ten-day average daily production of the low. Previously, in early March, average daily production of crude steel enterprises focus on the chain down 5.03% to 1.682 million tons, 1.95% lower and lower in mid-March to 1,649,200 tons.

Zhou Wei, an analyst said the recent International Olympic Committee to Beijing and Zhangjiakou inspect preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics bid, thorough investigation of the environmental protection department of sewage steel case, short-term steel market supply has decreased, the supply pressure can be slowed.

Senior researcher believes that after entering in late March, with the collapse of the price of imported iron ore, as well as some regional environmental pressure loss, iron and steel production enthusiasm has improved, some have pre-shutdown of the blast furnace complex production, post-market supply or will have The increased.

Platts survey April 7 release also showed that China's crude steel production in April index 3.8 points qoq to 55.3 points, the expected four monthly chain will have a slight increase.

For April Steel City operation, a number of industry sources, the current crude steel production fell to a relatively low level, post-recovery rate is not extreme, and the traditional shopping season in April coincided with steel, driving demand for steel is expected to increase digestion the amount. From a price perspective, given the drop in price will certainly not only mine, for the cost of steel will continue to support efforts to weaken, steel prices are expected to remain weak run late.More informations,you can browse