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September 04 [Tue], 2012, 23:12
When things indelibly touch your heart you are forever changed. womens toms shoesSale Recently, I had the opportunity to be introduced and educated on a wonderful charitable cause that provides shoes for children in developing countries. A for-profit business:Toms Outlet the purpose of the movement is with every shoe purchased, a child will be given a pair of shoes in their size at no cost. ONE FOR ONE! This is such a beautiful project I wanted to share the magnitude of how this cause should continue to be supported. I absolutely adore toms yellow anything that has to do with providing a service for those without the economical means and I feel like this should be shouted from the mountain tops.Toms Shoes Image by tjstaab via Flickr Last week when I was introduced to this movement by receiving the shoes as a gift from my organization I was emotionally moved. Not in a negative way by focusing on the state of why this movement was initiated, but with joy and humility by giving human beings. Just from the concept of the story and watching a brief 3 minute video,Cheap Toms Shoes I had to compose myself in a room of nearly 100 peers to not have tears streaming down my face. Our executive prefaced the video by sharing a portion of the story from his meeting with the CEO of toms black shoes stating, “There was a mother in Argentina that had 3 boys who would go to school every third day because the young boys would share one pair of shoes so they could walk to school.” How heartbreaking to hear that a child’s education was affected because they didn’t have shoes to walk to school? Also, imagine as siblings the toms blue shoes probably did not fit each child; however, with their own pair of shoes in their size the boys would be able to attend school every day together for the first time! It seems so simple, right? There are children the world over that is living in poverty without shoes to cover their bare feet. They’re delicate feet are without the barrier of protection from blisters, sores and diseases. The idea of this cause came in 2006 from an entrepreneur by the name of Blake Mycoskie who was traveling to Argentina for vacation toms shoes glitter .