Categories of Aviator Sunglasses

June 17 [Tue], 2014, 11:09
Aviator sunglasses have been one of the most popular styles for sunglasses for years. The original design of these sunglasses was developed for Ray-Ban and was based on the design of the goggles. The lenses are usually reflective and around three times larger than the eye socket. This was to prevent any glare in the pilot's eyes while flying. Today, this type of sunglasses is popular among celebrities, aspiring stars, as well as everyday people. Actually, aviator sunglasses can also be categorized into several types.

Polarized aviator sunglasses are designed to be stylish as well as function as sunglasses to block out the sun's rays. Polarized glasses are manufactured with iodine crystals laid in lens film and patterned so they reflect or block a good portion of the UV rays. Opting for a pair of polarized sunglasses in aviator styles, you will benefit clarity of vision is a benefit of polarized lenses for these lenses can provide deep perception and visual accuracy for the wearer. Wearing such sunglasses will also allow your eye to relax.

Mirror sunglasses have a reflective optical coating, also called a flash coating, on the outside surface of the tinted lenses. Aviator sunglasses are perhaps the most easily recognized style of mirrored sunglasses. These glasses are usually characterized by silver or charcoal iridescent lenses that reflect the outside view of what the wearer is seeing. Additionally, you're free to wear mirror lenses in silver, copper, hot pink, purple or any color you can find without having to view the world in those colors.

When you need to wear reading, driving or everyday glasses to view clearly, you can also try out aviator sunglasses. Nowadays, there are aviator sunglasses with prescription lenses. Although the lens and frame colors are somewhat more limited with prescription sunglasses, you can still wear them with a tinted prescription lens, and no one will be able to tell the difference. Just make sure you get the information about your current prescription when decide to purchase prescription aviator sunglasses.

Of course the classic aviator sunglasses are also quite popular among the wearers. Classic aviator sunglasses feature the large, almost egg-shape lenses that made them popular originally. In fact, some of the classic glasses have a drab, military-green-tinted lens set in gold frames, while more modern styles have a charcoal or black lens with silver frames. So you can get trendy fashion sunglasses in aviator styles easily. Therefore, consider these categories when you intend to try aviator sunglasses.
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