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The transition from winter to summer is more than a change in weather. It's a change in wardrobe. The thawing of the frost signals that it's time to pack away your warm winter clothes to make room for shorts and sandals. The proper storage of your winter footwear will ensure that it is ready for another season of rain, snow and slush. Discard any shoes or boots that have been outgrown or are too damaged to be worn next season. Take your shoes in to your local shoe repair shop for a good once over before you put them to bed for the summer. Heel cap repair, shoelace replacement and waterproofing should all be done before you store away your winter footwear. Remove any dirt, caked-on mud or salt from your winter shoes and boots before storing them for the summer. Dirt, mud and rock salt can permanently damage them. Make deodorizing shoe inserts for your winter shoes and boots by filling clean tube socks with cat litter. Tie off the top of each sock and insert it into the toe of your shoe or boot to help absorb odors and keep the shoe's shape throughout the summer months. Use your old magazines to create supports for your knee-high leather boots. To avoid wrinkles in the leather and help your boots keep their shape for next winter, insert a tightly rolled magazine into the top of each boot. Purchase plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to store your winter shoe collection. You should buy enough bins to comfortably store all of UGG手袋 your shoes without having to overstuff them. Take a digital picture of each pair of shoes or boots before putting it in its bin or box. You can paste this picture to the outside of the box as a quick reminder of what pairs are inside. Use shoe bags or washed cotton muslin to cover your leather shoes and boots. This adds another layer of protection from scratches, scuffs and other damage that might occur as you are packing away your footwear. Place your packed shoe bins in a closet or under the bed where they can sleep peacefully until next winter. Keep your shoes in the boxes in which they came. Though they may take up more storage space, these boxes help protect your shoes from dust, both in season and out. How to Store Winter Boots The end of winter means that it s time to put away all the winter clothes, boots and gear. It is so tempting... How Do I Store Leather Boots? Transitioning from winter to summer requires you to air out your warm-weather clothes and clean and store your winter garb. Since you... How to Store Leather Boots Indefinitely Storing leather boots is an activity commonly done after the winter season passes, and shoe-lovers want to carefully put away their warm... How to Store Shoes To ensure your favorite shoes will last for years, take steps to preserve their quality by storing them properly. Here are a... How to Store Leather Shoes In order to keep leather shoes looking their best, it is important to learn how to store them. Leather shoes can last... How to Organize Winter Boots How to Store Winter Boots and Shoes. How to Organize a Child s Bedroom Closet. How to Store Winter Boots. How to Organize... How to Store UGG Boots Australian Ugg boots are extremely popular, especially among teenagers and women. Since these sheepskin boots are relatively expensive, most people want their... How to Care For Your Leather Shoes How to Care For Your Leather Shoes. ... How to Store Leather Boots Indefinitely. Storing leather boots is an activity commonly done... How to Store Winter Clothes How to Pack Away Winter Clothes ; How to Clean Ugg Boots; How to Store Clothes in Storage; Comments You May Also... How to Organize Your Shoes Put shoe trees in boots and store on the floor or from hanging shoe trees. 6. Repeat the process next season. Tips... How to Store Winter Coats The Best Way to Get Rid of a Cat s Winter Coat. ... How to Store Winter Boots and Shoes; How to Store... Care of Cowboy Boots Storage. Leather cowboy boots should be stored in a location that UGGショートブーツS is not subject to drastic changes in temperature. Avoid extreme cold... Navigating the Winter Boot Wonderland Navigating the Winter Boot ... Your favorite fall leather boots are too slippery, shoes are ... A lot of people will come... How to Clean UGGブーツその他 Clothes Before Storing for Winter Storing cold weather gear in the spring can buy you a lot of closet space for your summer clothes. But before you... Best Way to Stretch Leather Shoes Leather is one of the most pliable and forgiving materials, and thus leather shoes are some of the easiest to stretch, however... How to Store Suede Clothes Avoid storing your suede clothing in cars for long periods of time. ... You purchase a great pair of boots at the... Porch With Coats and Shoe Storage Ideas Creative Ideas for Storing Your Shoes at the Front Door. ... When the winter season comes to a close, it s time to... Creative Shoe Storage Ideas Storing shoes is not only a way to hide shoes that you do not often use, but may also be a necessity... Most Comfortable Winter Boots As winter season approaches, we try to find boots that not only look good but are comfortable and able to handle the... How to Store Ski Boots When the winter weather begins to subside and it s time to put away your ski equipment for another year, perform the proper...
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