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> WwW, QUaNBEN, cOm eight hundred and fortieth chapters murder need means to see that empty void of a thing, suddenly drilled the storms head, the presence of people all shocked, this The thing that is really incredible storms came so abruptly, even Wang Jiatun villagers suspected, this guy is not always hidden in the vicinity, only now suddenly sprang to scare people, but these people then wake up to reality over not, wind and waves never not a cold-blooded person from his veins exposed hideous appearance can be seen, there is only one possible, he really just come back in even Ouyang Pa, see the storms appear, due to excessive surprised, almost scared jumped by Ouyang Pa guess, storms in any case, have to wait until the sunset moment, will it be possible to come back, but I did not expect, he's only just the crush of the jade, storms flew to kill over, the degree of such a reaction, too cattle fork no one knows, storms earlier in an instant, has gone tens of thousands of miles away, or, in their eyes amazed, absolutely than this strong countless times see this killing Ouyang only guy in there loudly Hema Ouyang of tyrants and Ouyang floating all angry abnormal eyes immediately turn toward the storms of the past, "the people of this earth is to kill that bastard?" storms forced back the hearts of anger to, Piaoshen forward shouted "Hey, all these people I killed, what do you want?" to see the storms Hewen soon Ouyang Pa sneered clenched hands greatsword shouted Wait until finished these words, Ouyang Bartech hear it awkward, storms curse to kill that bastard, he jumped out, not own admission is a bastard, but say the words out like spilled water, no matter how are not being paid, Ouyang Pa guiltily glanced around, but fortunately did not cause what laughter fact, the grateful king Jiatun the villagers, the mood is very heavy, where what Xianxin, but to concentrate on pick out the language of his disease, "today, the day you die, given the" storms looked coldly Ouyang tyrants one said, stressing each syllable, his expression cold like a million years of ice and snow, this discourse sounds on people the hearts burst chills ...... "storms hear these words, Ouyang tyrants first reaction is to want to laugh, and then is to come up with words to refute, hollow laugh a few times, but he was found enveloped in mind that a ray of chill, but it is in any case not be able to get rid of laugh naturally not so nice Mahone, hollow laugh, what kind of strength, quick kill this bastard kid, and I'm still waiting for with this girl bridal chamber "see Ouyang tyrants actually short the momentum in the face of storms, Ouyang drift could not help but Pieliaopiezui said, his mind, most of them on the body of Wang Dan comes in and found no storms come These anomalies are generated "closed, on you, smelly, mouth" feel the wind and waves Ouyang floating manners seems than Ouyang Pa nasty, got to be the column, therefore verbally drink cried "You ......" Ouyang Gone with the Wind storms momentum wins until the verbal rebuttal, but said a word immediately after choking the hearts of your first-come death? "storms at this time is a strong self-confidence, with the intention to kill such as surging waves like saying the sentence storms eyebrow Mao Yiyang, leaning forward step by step, majestically, as if a kill God Jiatun in people today, but was killed broken courage, along atmosphere is particularly depression, until this time had just recovered a little morale Ping yuan only seen transfixed, regardless of the strength of the wind and waves, but this kind of momentum, but even his village head to see could not help secretly Xinzhe "Ping Yuan, believe me, yes, storms will be able to save everyone from misery never seen storms before, Wang Chuan Su let the Ping Yuan crush jade, it is purely a gamble, but see to storms later, his grasp not help surge, is now verbally relieved Ping Yuan "Atta boy, I did not expect you so impatient, that is good, let me degree you" the Ouyang Pa man, but rebellious, even though began when storms momentum wins, and now is to restore the natural, for just the kind of demeanor, but he would feel too panicked voices the Ouyang Pa is the Sword of a Young, a sharp This time shot of Jianmang, mixed with a strong domineering toward the storms who suddenly Zhanla saw Ouyang Pa, actually all aghast discoloration of the face of such power and prestige, the village head man, and the attack phase than, Ouyang Pa before the attack, all like children like child's play Ouyang tyrants have seen storms and Ouyang before the battle, the to know storms actual skills, with Ouyang almost precisely because so, Ouyang manifold sent them two come to think that this is enough and of Ouyang tyrants and Ouyang floating about kung fu, are initially grasp the character of the space law, come than Ouyang before the skill but higher several times Ouyang Pa played Road Jianmang, just in the blink of an eye, on the attack to the front of the wind and waves, watching storms striking portrait of his chest is actually moving neither like scared silly, Ouyang Pa could not help to grow breath, the wind and waves just played momentum to force people, but turned out to be a silver wax turned their guns just glossy surface seems that in the eyes of Ouyang Pa storms until now has not happened this time will certainly be no doubt kill it in the watchful eyes, that Jianmang the perpendicularly into the body of the storms, but it is strange, but it does not have the slightest bit of blood out, so have been wearing the past a moment straight body of the storms drift in the air patches everyone see this clear out that penetration Jianmang only master a ghost of the wind and waves. Course lot, but no one can see that, in just the kind of case how to avoid the storms "you Zhe Bingjian, killed a lot of folks in my king Jiatun I acquire it to start with, you can and protect" the winds and waves took a deep breath, strong self-restrain live Ouyang Pa intention to kill, coldly drink cried in fact, the storms have just figured a good idea, Ouyang the Pa kill so many villagers Wang Jiatun if all of a sudden shot and killed him, that would be too cheap he Therefore, the idea made up by the waves, is murder, "Hey, do not know how many people told my Sword Heart desire of ill, but now they are all dead, you know?" Ouyang tyrants feel the air here is too boring, so he bent to break the pressure and could not help out the words sneered yet to wait until the the Ouyang tyrants voice down, his room suddenly awoke, storms with action, quickly rushed toward him over storms shenfa really is too strange, his movements as if a bird toward Ouyang Pa, rushed rushed, as if simply did not see the numerous flaws in his side "Go to hell" the Ouyang Pa eyes exposed fiercely, he will Xinyi Heng, Shouyi Bai, and then on the sword play out skill Ouyang Pa to such a degree, he naturally know, at this time, it is absolutely fight shy of impossible, if some misgivings that skill at least want to make the many discount Ouyang tyrants of effort at the moment, is absolutely unparalleled ferocity of his sword, the power of matchless, since storms absolutely have the courage Yingjie his sword who knows until Ouyang the tyrants sword strike out, that the storm would have lunged to his body, but it is faint blur, making him the world of tyrants must sword, but it is split to empty at saw a Jianpi empty, Ouyang Pa love to know it is not quickly clenched his fists, is necessary these Sword drawn back who knows at this time, Ouyang Pa has room suddenly feel the wrist of a loose, as if forward to the electric shock, his hand unconsciously relaxed Sword of control until Ouyang tyrants come to understand his Sword has changed hands, fell to the storms in the hands of all of this action occurred in the flash of light, like a flash Ouyang tyrants lost Sword, immediately becomes furious until everyone look at the field in the movement, all aghast, wind and waves empty-handed to deal with Ouyang Pa how just a face to face, it will be in his hands Sword to grab over "Zhebing Jian, just like you, are the devils, today, let me ruin it" waves grabbed the Sword, his face was not proud look, but is extremely angry at the Zhebing Sword above, contamination of a lot of blood, these are all blood ah king Jiatun villagers in this front,air jordan shoes, everything seems so trivial "look at the Zhebing Jian is the way you stay a while" Then then storms hand whisk on Nabing Sword, his action is very gentle, as if brushed the blood stains on the sword generally very incredible scenes happened, Nabing Sword whisk flexible force of the wind and waves Department suddenly begins to Duanzhe becomes full of hundreds of like to see storms this magical ability, Ouyang Pa almost scared silly, his old domineering completely disappear in an instant, without a trace even break his head, Ouyang tyrants are does not want to understand what will be storms in and Ouyang abounds, it is poor, but a bucket up with him, but it seemed so Viagra can not be stopped. Ouyang Gone with the Wind was single-minded in thinking about how as soon as possible to get their hands on the Wang Dan Ouyang fighting tyrants and storms, he did not even how the mind until you feel a little bit wrong, Ouyang floating only look back a results just this one, they put him scared out of their wits, how he would have thought, storms hand Duojian the broken sword skills, makes is so superb village head Wang Ping Yuan and Wang Chuan Su et al, could see the surprise Cross, they really did not think the storms of kung fu, actually grow to the point where "this look, I will pass away all of your skill, you become a basket case," the tone of storms, as usual cold, dull as if without a trace of emotion, as if coming out of the general from hell if it is in just now, when storms just show up,Air Max ACG discount, Ouyang tyrants will verbally laugh, but at the moment he heard was a burst of not Haner palpitate Today He was the Duojian winds and waves play out,Nike Kobe VI, be regarded as a ladder bolder Ouyang Pa hearts naturally clear, if the wind really is a waste of effort to go here his fate will be miserable, so hear storms remarks, he immediately skill systemic mention it at this time, Ouyang tyrants can be no other method can be thought of only desperately this one way, as has always been domineering claiming Ouyang Pa hearts flashed a burst of bleak, he did not think that one day, he turned out to be a young boy into just so absolute road storms is not empty talk, speak, the body has been gradually launched into not see so for the potential, it slips beat toward Ouyang Pa, to strike the past played Xianqi mighty "I fight with you," Ouyang Pa was his life roared, but this sounds , but did not domineering, inverted image is a dead end, desperate to make the dying struggle general! # Baidu search, read most full-fiction / / / <
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