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October 07 [Mon], 2013, 12:25
adidas rose 773 2.0 Four Easy Steps To An Amazing Food Photo-journalIf you enjoy writing, carrying a journal around is a great way to remember the little details that make life great. Photographs help to enhance the content in a journal by providing a visual to coincide with your written memories. For those who love to cook or simply enjoy eating, food photo-journals are a great way to track any new and exciting edibles you try. Take pictures of food you create in your own kitchen and keep track of meals prepared by others for inspiration. Follow these simple steps and you'll be well on your way to creating a worthwhile food-journal.1.) Always carry a camera: You may not want to take pictures of your tuna sandwich and potato chips during your lunch break, but the times we don't have our cameras are usually the times we need them most.

If your camera is easily portable, carry it with you. Maybe you'll go out to lunch when you don't expect to, or someone will bring in a cake for someone's birthday. Take pictures of anything you and/or your friends/family/colleagues eat. 2.) Make notes about every photo taken: A meal may be memorable while you're indulging, but it's easy to forget the details as time passes. Note the name of each meal you eat, where you eat it and the ingredients used. Describe how it is prepared and how it tastes in as much detail as you can. Where do the ingredients come from? What spices are used? What does the food smell and feel like? Any detail will help enhance your journal.3.) Organize your photos: Once your photos have been uploaded to your computer, transfer your notes as well.

adidas rose 3.5 The more places your notes are documented, the less likely you will be to lose any information. Create folders to better organize your pictures. You may organize your photos by date, restaurant, food type, etc. Choose whatever organization method makes the most sense for you. If you did not use a digital camera, keep your photos and notes in appropriately labeled photo-albums.4.) Share your journal: If your photos are digital, it is easy to share them with the world. Create an album on Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, or various other social media websites. You can also email your friends and family. If the album is not digital, bring it with you wherever you go and pass it around. Maybe you'll inspire others to create their own photo-journal.
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