new start.:D

December 08 [Wed], 2010, 20:20
today, it's seems fine.
but it's not true

well. when i go to school today.
i just feel anxious and scared.
i don't know why these feelings will come after me.
but just scared

2010, this year is passing out..
24 days left.

it seems that,
i'm wasting time everyday,
but i really don't know what else i can do to save him and help him
maybe i should not disturb his life,
but i've already step in..

should i let him go?
or carry on?

i don't know what can force him to become more hard-working,
he sleeps and sleeps all the time.
also, every single fight start between us are due to his homework,
he never do it at home.
and when he back to home,
he just put his all energy to sit down and facing to his computer
well..and i just can do nothing

i've tried to ask him not to play so much,
but it's never works

just have 1 more year left
after 1 year, we"ll have the public examination.
if i pass it, i 'll go to the university.
if he can't passes it, i'm afraid that we'll separate

p.s.and if I try to save him,
my whole world could cave in.
it just ain't right...

i hope in one day
he'll wake up from his world.
and i hope i can always stand by him before he get success

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i don't know what he's after...
but he's so beautiful
such a beautiful disaster
and if I could hold on...
through the tears and the laughter
would it be beautiful?
or just a beautiful disaster
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