Study! ひらがなとカタカナ

May 08 [Sun], 2011, 8:15
I bought a Kana workbook:
This way, I can learn to read and write by practicing

Because I will take a class this year that will require writing and reading in Hiragana/Katakana, I want to study so I will be prepared for the class.

It's exciting

I will get it next week, so I can start soon.
I already know a few of the Hiragana...I can read/recognize:
It is not very many I guess...
This will not be so difficult though. I just have to remember.

I'm too determined to fail! Also, it will save me lots of trouble later if I learn it now.
My class will be less stressful, and the practice I get in my class will make sure what I learn this summer on my own will never be forgotten.
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    ・日本語を勉強-Study Japanese
I am Jo and I am from America.
I like tea, cats, and taking walks.
My favorite bands are Kra, 砂月, Rentrer en Soi, シド, and Perfume.
I am studying Japanese, but I still have a lot to learn. I will work hard to be correct, but I am sorry if I make a mistake. I hope using this will help me learn to read more quickly!
I would like to teach English in Japan, or Japanese in America one day.

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