(Russia) Sagittarius

November 17 [Thu], 2011, 16:26
Someone said a great deal on your legendary Streltsov orders, in regards brave archer, who took Kazan, and later on expelled invaders from Russian soil. Around the creators game, apparently couldn't read clever books, as a consequence our lowered together, ready say, national heroes runescape money buy through the entire floor. Deserve such treatment if archers (?), Personally - no.
From a monetary thoughts and opinions, archers is definately not expensive, feeling that nazyvaetsya, convenient. They could be used when you're a duet with spearmen and knights with. Life due to archers is big enough as a result is a good idea for their services as anti-gunners and musketeers crowd of enemy (there isn't even suffering with the option that Archer range 37, during the 17th century obscheevropeyskigo Musketeers - 42, when the difference in hit-Point 30 and winnings script of your range, the Europeans - merely one shot). Required . archers have one drawback - diet plans the shot, many new computers that the archers are extremely wasteful. Iron they spend 3 units, and coal perhaps up to four (!) Unique gate not climbing or Russian gunpowder - sucks, or towards the archers with Badun hands are shaking in addition they half wakes past, or they khalyavnyy ammunition - I can't understanding else to clarify the such carelessness! Consider the following situation: you do have a squad of 196-Ti archers numerous the days of shooting. Archer rate - 0.6 shots per tick, he spends four coal, 3 iron, so one rs accounts for sale archer to acquire tick will pay out 2.4 and 1.8, coal iron, and you've their 196 (!) Is poluchaetsya coal will decrease at 470 units per tick, and iron - 353; per second is concerning 336 and 252 units respectively! Not stuffy, is not totally it? Imagine, after you have 400 archers. No resources isn't going suffice!
Generally speaking, the time you play for Russia initial stages (within the 17th century) suggest how to construct more coal and iron mines - that might when you are in the attack, frantically not mesmerize index of coal and iron, looking force force him growing ideas, or possibly in extreme cases - to get rid of (internet business, Incredibly more - not poluchaetsya). As outlined above, the archer is definitely small radius from your fire, so, they cook sense to put together a compelling build.
Escape from economic issues (not surprisingly ,, "The Cossacks" and not merely "tycoon"), and summarize. Regardless of the odd unflattering for any archer, he runescape proxy clearly good shooter and it is cleared (the more common European musketeer 17th century through value equal to the attack, allows the value of pumping by 80%, but gains in speed of construction). In the 17th century, only steeper than our Archer: Serdyuk, royal musketeer, the Janissaries, the Tartar and archer - and it says plenty. I ought to realize our Russian archer better Europeans by 50 percent:).
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