It's christmas time and Holydays ^^ 

December 21 [Fri], 2007, 22:39
Holidays x3 and Christmas is comming

Latly a played World of Warcraft and I'm so fascinated of it I play a female Troll shaman...I love it kyyyaaah XD

A short while ago Niklas my best friend send me a link from Youtube.
Thats the link:
(Achmet the dead terrorist) xDD
I love this show...laught so much when I saw that xDD~

So that's it ^^


December 15 [Sat], 2007, 20:00
I knew that I'm very bad in english XDD
I hate this language xDD but I can't write in german...because my german is worse .____. xD

Sooo...Yesterday I leave my home and drive to my best friend Chokoreto x3
Now I'm sitting here and...i don't know .____. We want the telephone number of "Unisex" but we can't found it



A Volleyball accident TAT/) 

December 14 [Fri], 2007, 0:26
Yesterday...als my troubles seems so far
xDD allright.... I was In the cinema and watch "The Golden Compass" with Daniel Craigh (I don't know how to write his name) Daniel is a sexy Actor I think but a little bit to old
I love the animals in this movie, called Demons... The ferret was sooo cute...but this monkey creature was so...well...I don't like him or her

Today I have two lessons Sport and I don't like sport >___>
Sport is murder...and that's right
A classmate spike the ball a little bit to hard and in my way
The and of this was that the ball flew in mi Face and it hurts so much...yay...that wasn't funny XD But i'm laughing...what's this? I LAUGHT XD OMG I'm so crazy...

Yo that's it ^-^

Enlish test and economic xD 

December 13 [Thu], 2007, 0:11
Hey ya
Chakka bang! xDD

Ähm I have wrote my English test...aaand I think I lose xD I hate it to write settings AND a summery Well...not less then was economics funny XD~ My Teacher sit in front of me an Say to a classmate: I she new?
My classmate laught and say that I am not new in the class... my teacher laugh too xD
what an Idiot
I think he ask him because I had enough time this morning to put my make up on and to style my hair O.o xDD

That was my day .___.
This evening we going to the Cinema x3 I'm so happy XDDD

Danek!! ò.ó 

December 11 [Tue], 2007, 2:05

Yeah...I have got a Yaplog!! Hossa!!
Thank you so much Noii for teach me to write in this blog XD
I can write!!!!!! ...well...wayne??
O.O I love this xDD
I hope I will stand in Noiis Yapme! function when I finally wrote this So Noii You become my Hero of this week ^-^ xDD~
Sorry Chok

BUT!!! Chokoreto is the only one who can say to me: I love you ò.o for the other: I like you xDD

So far so good .___.
My English is bad...

Pero mejor que mi Espana

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