Second-hand shoes Nights are dead streets of Guangzhou shiny inside stink Figure

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 13:38
When night fell, second-hand shoes stalls will go into the city, attracting some of the passers-by choice. Zhuang Xiaolong photo

Nowadays, second-hand goods trading range more widely, can you ever heard of second-hand shoes market do? Recently, a reader said that in Haizhu Kecun overpass under a second-hand shoes ghost city, the daily nightfall, there are gang gather here to sell second-hand shoes, a pair of designer shoes selling only 30 yuan, to come Many people who use the service went so far. According to insiders revealed that the more of these second-hand shoes, more new terror, is likely to be dead shoes. Recently, the reporter to the scene to carry out unannounced visits the 7th evening around 6 pm, the reporter came to the second-hand shoes ghost city, I saw a plastic sheeting, plus a dozen pairs of old shoes snakeskin shoes is a shared booth Lord's outfit. Kecun from Guangzhou Avenue overpass near the station to the pier and Commercial Bank of China in front of the sidewalk, about 30 more of these second-hand shoes stalls. In the dim lights, the reporter pretending to Amoy shoes, one by one, take a stroll all shoe stalls and found lacking in these second-hand shoes, famous brand in these old shoes, nearly two-thirds are casual shoes, and the remaining is the shoes. Reporters closer look and found that they are all brand casual shoes, such as Nike, Adidas, CAT, Puma, Reebok, NewBalance and so on. But because it is old shoes are vintage models, nearly two years of almost no style. There are many shoes are Belle, crocodile and other brand brand name shoes, all 30 yuan! Stall greeted with enthusiasm from time to time. Boss, this pair of 'Nike' How much? 'Correspondent seven gently pointing to one pair of sneakers asked. Outside are selling four or five hundred, here as long as 65 yuan ...... you want, slightly cheaper, 55 yuan, how? Stall said happily. How so cheap it? Reporter pretending asked, puzzled. Second-hand shoes Well, of course cheaper. Says the night wore stall more customers

Mainly migrant workers and students

At this time, the reporter found that there are two booths next working girl look like people are new balance classic buying women's leather shoes. $ 12, even if not to sell. Then, the two wanted to leave. Stall quickly said: plus 3 yuan, 15 friends. See the guests really gone, stall shouted: 12 to 12, come back ah! Reporter went over glanced, turned into a new pair of five Vans shoes at this time of the night wore on, come Amoy shoes more and more customers, almost every booth has two or three people asking price or to see the goods. A stall told reporters here customers are mainly migrant workers, there is a small portion of students from families of poor gap in the bargain, a stall from the side of the gray snakeskin bag and pulled out one pair of shoes, with an oiled rag grinding brush. Soon, through his simple treatment, vamp immediately become black shiny, shiny like new inside they stink

Health claims have been disinfected stall

Reporters found that the shoe surface polished shiny lesson can be shoes but inwardly they are dusky, and with a nauseating odor. These shoes are not health? Do not worry, sterile! What sterilized? Do not wear clothing beriberi come. Soaked with detergent and you do not worry, rubbing alcohol and then get back to what we can . Look Reporters still suspect, stall holders to pledge that: definitely no problem, I'm here in 1993, and are sold for 12 years, where it would be piercing the problem? Yet when a reporter asked in case the problem is piercing not be returned, the stall does not say a reporter has squeezed a few pairs of old shoes other and found two pairs of shoes lined with a little wet, they asked: These shoes do you get it back treated? stall, said: We have come back without treatment, the time of purchase (shoes) are good friends they deal we just give the oiled leather shoes, just like almost new. Sure enough, in front of a row of men's shoes appearance up very bright, reporters after playing a few pairs, black fingers found the vehicle wholesale sixty-seven yuan one pair

Sometimes an evening ghost walk three-

Reporter casually asked: how about the usual business? Stall: It depends friends. Sometimes thirty-four days not sell one pair, sometimes a night to sell bare. In these shoes, men's shoes accounted for by 90% Women rarely, some stalls are they not. Reporter: how women's shoes so little? Your purchase do not pick ah? Stall: how to pick ah? We entered was a truck, all shoes are a purchase price, look at the overall quality good, the price is high point cheap, some as long as 67 yuan a pair of shoes.

The reporter then asked: Where is that you usually have to purchase it? Stall: ah, Zhejiang, Fujian has a flea market near Shenzhen, Dongguan has. Reporter found that the stall selling shoes at the same time also maintain a high degree of vigilance, where a stall said, sometimes chased control is tight, he was a night to be walking ghost three times in ICBC door, a public told reporters that a year ago the city of shoes on With the. Most of these are close to selling new balance 574 uk shoes Gui Tamura of households in the evening came out stall. He said that these shoes share dirty and messy, it is affecting the image of the city. Second, because Jeeves business, passers inconvenient. And the sound of endless haggling to form noise pollution. (Reporter intern Gengxu Jing Zhang Dan Yang).
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