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September 10 [Tue], 2013, 10:19
Chunan, China; although it is not the most famous university, but wins in the long history, it is the oldest university in china. So in Chunan, gifted students, belle of handsome young man also meet the eye everywhere. Fall is beautiful and coordinate Chunan University of science, but because this fall and has been in the library, and classroom instruction are seldom go to, let alone to participate in school activities. Therefore falls noisy although many boys heart goddess, dream lover, but she never and others say anything. Don't say the boys, girls and fall is my word is not easy. Ziyun is an exception, but only her a person only, although many people hope that through Ziyun to know falls noisy, but the result is that all the disappointment. Although there are a lot of people unremittingly to drop noise every day, Parka Canada Goose want to rely on a Hou and perseverance to move down the. But she was never seen off, never to see her and who go out. To everyone's disappointment, she not only ignore such people in search of her, and most recently moved out of the school, as for where to live almost Canada Goose Men's Citadel nobody had know. But today, Luo Xuan unexpectedly and a boy laughing and talking into the family, almost all of the boys chin fell on the ground. Although the noise and fall in the boys long is fairly good, but not handsome enough to shaking heaven and earth point, how to capture the beauty of Chunan coordinates? Ye Moyi entered Chunan, feel very strange, how so many people looking at her eyes, it seems not very friendly. Luo Xuan smiled, she knew what was going on, but it is not necessary to explain the leaf. Just leaves silent although and Chunan University of science and the students age difference, however, in her view, connotation is too far. She felt she couldn't through leaf silent, she is confident that she is a beauty, at least she saw no one more beautiful than her. But the silence and leaves together, she didn't do a beautiful woman feeling, because this leaves silent never seen her in that love the vision, and never said a word of ambiguous words, his eyes clear, as in the past no distractions. Ye Mogang would like to ask where the library, the school gate came the bursts of screaming. There was a fight. Several students said, rushed past. For many boring to the top students, something less than some of the things that they have fun. Ye Mo didn't want to look at the past, but falls and said something, the beatings or ancient Wu cultivators. Ancient Wu practitioners, should be hit at the school gate? Ye Mo also saw the past, beatings and beaten he should know, didn't expect to meet here Xu Ping. Ye Mo didn't think turned to the school gate walked past, I see leaves falling silent past excitement, also come with a. Wu Zhenjun was playing on the ground not climb up, his two slaves were playing on the ground, the hit man but still did not Outlet North Face stop, still by kicking. Wu son a heart dark scold mishap, his recent down what was, she always being hit. Ye Mo walked up to the fellow stopped kicking, a brother, I thought a year before.
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