Although it is said on the mouth

September 05 [Thu], 2013, 18:10
The 305th chapter room; the passion of a meal, two people lingering, eat two hours, finally will bowl meal, Huang Shanjiao Ye Feng first to the living room to sit down for a while, to prepare some fruit, leaf maple also had to turn on the TV, have a look Canada Goose Montebello CG55 Parka the news today, is actually want to have a look, the woman is it right? Jin Lingxuan. The thought of Jin Lingxuan, Ye Feng heart is full of expectations, after all, in the kind of country, such as Jin Lingxuan's natural beauty, it is rare, just like the Chinese Panda in general, of Heli Arctic Parka Men Sale course, leaf maple remember watched a program, the beauty, is almost a template it portrayed, really shocking. All the news to find it again, Ye Feng has not found the beauty of the trail, it seems everything is going well, but next time I let myself met the woman, he must not show mercy, is the so-called the hand on hand ah, do not back, alas, alas! Oh, what, like what a pity, a face of regret to touch kind! Huang Shan smiles Ying Ying end with the fruit came out, looked at the leaf maple smiled slightly, while the fresh fruit platter placed in front of Ye Feng, Ye Feng just know some ecstatic, immediately a face laughed: of course it is regret not having lived a few years earlier! Early years, hee hee, the family is wish I was born a few years later, you are good, now also want their earlier born, how can you have such thoughts! Huang Shan was stripped of the inside of the litchi, watching asked Ye Fengdao, especially his beautiful big eyes, as if filled with infinite curiosity. Ye Feng smiled, put his hand inside the litchi to mouth a, way: of course it is regret was born so late, I was born a few years earlier, met Susan, it is not already and Susan stay together! Ye Feng said, hand in the side to Huang Shan's hand close to. Listen to Ye Feng said, Huang Shan heart not by a move, but be still Ye Feng sentence: death, shame! Although it is said on the mouth, but my heart was touched by Ye Feng's remarks, his own take on the bad guy did not hustling forget it, otherwise he would not be so happy to see the bad guy. Day, this is what ah, I leaf maple like Susan, it is to reveal the truth ah, if I was born a few years ago, I believe that Susan, I immediately after Susan ran, even to the remotest corners of the globe, I will follow the past. Ye Feng is now a soulful staring at Huang Shandao. Huang Shan suddenly looked up and saw Ye Feng, heart fawn disorderly bump up immediately tense, Huang Shan hurriedly lowly head, can't see leaf maple those beautiful eyes, especially to see leaf maple now like, Huang Shan worried that they could not help direct attack, the bad guy. Oh, you, you let go of my hand! Suddenly, Huang Shan found his delicate hand, was Ye Feng the bad guy caught up, but when Huang Shan looked up and saw her soulful eyes when Ye Feng, he didn't say anything, Ye Feng also found that Susan began in rebellion, now resistance strength is more and more small. Susan, I in your heart, can't you see you, Montebello CG55 Sale I really love you! And, Ye Feng corrosion!
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