Om pseudo full army lost the unified

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 18:09
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultMa Qian led by guards and in 3 brigade force behind wall Yueji ,fast come is fighting the train station area Timberland Womens 6 Inch Cheap,path independent of the recalcitrant enemies not much, those who be dispersed pseudo full army completely lost the fight, hide .
Om pseudo full army lost the unified command ,morale fading extremely quickly ,they will not have much dare fight recklessly ideological level ,in a Japanese advisors were killed under the condition of Batman ,as they are protect a life important .
Usually Japanese advisors about their compression is very serious ,the soldiers inside do not agree with these to ride on their backs to Japanese officer ,now they died ,the ordinary soldiers immediately full scatter like birds and animals North Face Women's Down Sale,tucked into the old people at home can not outcrop .
The number of very small devils encountered were 3 battalion of troops make a clean sweep of or surrounded ,Ma Qian progress quickly ,through residential alley mouth, meet a be confound at escape fighting people ,asking after rough ,that are separated by two alley is another alley scuffle .
Panic in the people to vote . Ma Qian with mother ,pay no attention to the horse says Qian is pure Chinese not rough concord language .Pu Jisong suddenly heard the familiar voice ,unconscious look only to see the horse Qian mouth shiny white teeth ,heart in dark and praise a good teeth, the teeth if the bite to devil ,it is very sharp .
Once people crazy ,his attention is only put on the object can be counted on one ,for Pu Jisong, only these two things ,tooth neck .Until he was rushed to the two soldiers hold ,Pang makes his sanity .
It hurts me !What is this? Pu Jisong see soldiers face a shout .A portion of soldiers on guard platoon sergeant led the rush toward a place again .The remaining dozen reviewed this small battlefield of the dead and wounded ,on their own wounded rescue .
Park Department with Kawasaki Department Gilson soldiers fight hand to hand with a fierce fighting ,both sides fell more than ten people ,reveal its brutal hand-to-hand fight ,no one can account for the bargain .
Ma Qian look to sit around the Kawasaki department, go to Pu Jisong ,hands on Pu Jisong right arm to mention a shake ,slight snap after Pu Jisong dislocated his arm back ,not to be Pu Jisong expresses surprise ,and use the same action to his left arm and back bit .
Gilson Park trying to shake the rocker arm, feel no pain ,just opened his big mouth have a lingering fear cried : hey you really command line !I was afraid you give me s bad . Why.
Ma Qian strange casually asked , but this ability ,most people I do not serve them ,do you pick ? Hey hey hey ,week and say you are doctor Mongolia ,give a person bone when the spirit is ineffective, hey hey .
.. ... Ma Qianan was speechless ,this weeks old ,is not he training off the ring ,he didn cure him for good ,it is worth to say ? Commander ,Chen battalion to talk with you . The correspondent will call to the Ma Qian mouth ,solved Ma Qianan .
Chen Wu hurried voice came , commander ,20 devil hiding in the courtyard ,kidnapped dozens of civilians as a shield ,not play would you like to have a look ? ! the inhumanity of devils ,and gave me to it .
Ma Qian and have a look on the Kawasaki department ,on the way to kick his arm ,Kawasaki Department pig like wailed , a scholar prefers death to humiliation Northface Women's Denali Jackets Sale! Roll your mother calf !What are you people ?Ma Qian hate turned to said : take away !He took the shield .
All recorded history books basically is the recording of both the army battle roughly circumstance ,rarely involves the details ,but the cruelty of war are often reflected in the details .
In a war even mentioned the old people ,may also often a common innocent people how many people died in the flames of war and a live .For specific combat soldiers ,the number of innocent people is not a number that simple ,they can ignore the fall on the way people body ,people died from bullet or blind shelling, it was inevitable ,the soldiers will not be produced out of action ideas ,no commander n because afraid of hurting the innocent without fighting .
However ,if the living of common people in the eyes ,as cover devil shield appears, the resistance fighters is really not to hand ,strict military discipline also won to shoot shield warrior .
The shield trembling in the compound of the station door or window ,helpless look around the courtyard ,in the wall and the resistance fighters .This is a tall fence has a rich house ,courtyard median row 8 tile-roofed house principal rooms ,two things a few rooms ,principal rooms were occupied by Japanese soldiers occupied rooms ,Chen Wu ,both tense confrontation .
The sound of guns to everywhere ,showing the enemy organized resistance has been gradually disintegrate ,can meet 20 people went to the yard to resistance ,and used the shameless use shield means ,it is estimated the final struggle ,become frenzied final performance .
Skirmishes continued to the end ,the soldiers from all sides have arrived ,and brought several wounded and captured by the Japanese police .The Qian gate side wall at the Kawasaki Department pouted , come on !The old devils advance gate at .
Two soldiers pushing saki Department stepped forward ,another two soldiers who kicks the door chuaikai ,raising his arms look like suffering Kawasaki department .See soldiers with Kawasaki Department into the door, Ma Qian hastily exclaimed, slow !You two don ,this is improper .
So ,do not be silly . What shall we do ?The old man if run how to do ? Doubts ,warrior .In fact, Kawasaki department if run to run it ,just to be right and proper shot him dead ,but it lost shield ,also lost to deter inside recalcitrant devils means .
Ma Qian glanced to be eager for a fight one Staring at the Kawasaki Department figure Gilson Park ,a word out of Pu Jisong passion , old park you is it right? Waiting to kill him ?Put the gun down looking for rope bundle of his .
Gilson Park reluctantly orders the Kawasaki Department tied ,and then personally drag rope head ,angry to Kawasaki Department roared: let your surrender !I haven ,do not surrender dead dead ! Kawasaki department with angry eyes stared back at Park Gilson ,provocative expressions let Park Gilson fly into a rage ,a step of several big box on the ear now fell to the Kawasaki department faces .
After Kawasaki department ,park Gilson remembered Ma Qianan watching, then headed to find an excuse ,a voice cried : your old commander out gas ?If you feel that not enough, I call for you ? Ma Qian laugh at a glance Gilson park .
On both sides of a few minutes, Ma Qian was clearly see the surrounding situation ,mind quick outline a plan of attack ,short time too late and other commanders keep calm to discuss countermeasures, supreme commander immediately ordered .
Chen Wu you bring people on the left ,Wang Demao you bring people on the right ,with a bazooka alignment principal rooms on both sides of the gables ,for I give the command ,bazooka volleys give me break open gable gable ,immediately after the storm ! Back Ma Qian and see Li Shaogang ,the old resistance in young sharpshooters ,currently serves as the 3 battalion of the 7 squadron deputy chief .
You ,Xiao Li ,immediately organized sniper looking everywhere advantageous position ,aim at the window behind me everywhere ,command immediately after the strike window after the enemy ! The three officers quickly called hands ,with fast deployment to run .
Li Shaogang almost as easy as blowing off dust will find dozens of hand held spears ,which has a lot of leaving submachine gun ,picking up the new sniper rifle .For fear of submachine gun bullets too violent and people ,Ma Qian allows only one gun a played accurate sniper shot .
Ma Qianan not worried about these picks up the resistance fighters is a sniper rifle ,because in the old resistance fighters ,sharpshooter is really too much ,poor marksmanship is a brutal fight out .
Kawasaki department was advanced in the gate ,a gate facing the window and door partly hidden and partly visible behind the muzzle, Kawasaki department does not comply with the horse Qian commanded to capitulate ,but sound to encourage the men ,ordered his men to resist to the last ,don fall in R this Teijin fame, do not live up to the emperor on their ardent expectations .
You don think about my life ,my life and every body part is for your majesty to live ,we can for your majesty did ,I would ... ... ... ... Few understand Japanese resistance fighters turned red ,surprise under Park Gilson pulled the rope head ,the Kawasaki Department pulled over motored back outside the gate .
The commander ,the old devils too stubborn Michael Kors Gansevoort Outlet Sale!Shoot ? Not only so called Gilson Park ,surrounded by several soldiers also shouted .Be set in one to the slow-witted devils ,Ma Qian wanted to shoot him, thought of Pu Jisong asked : do you take this man to pick up a few articles about the crimes commit the most heinous crimes ,attention to speak for everyone to hear .
Pu Jisong listens to understand ,Ma Qian this is so he released Kawasaki Department counts ,public trial .Kawasaki department is now prisoners of war ,not handled properly will affect future adversaries psychological work ,if the Kawasaki department just killed or wounded in combat resistance ,he is also the executive order ,he even if the army was captured ,it is impossible to kill him .
Gilson Park killing innocent people often Qi Department example, several down ,all people are moving, even by the devil as hostages standing in front of the window and ordinary people think ,this Kawasaki department is a beast ,not enough to kill Ping minfen .
Soldiers have shouted , shoot him !Shoot him ! Principal rooms in recalcitrant a police department seeing ,Kawasaki department to save lives ,police department made a very wrong ,but it is the right decision ,he was shouting on the horse in the direction of Qian and shouted: outstanding quickly receded !The Kawasaki department you put it UGG Classic Tall Fancy Outlet,otherwise ,I will kill all the hostages .
Bang ! A gunshot, a hostage old man threw himself down ,head out of a shining white flesh .Book .Your message if only one, will become the motive power of creation ,please come to
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