Is calm look .A film storage bag

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 18:06
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Abstract Chapter seventy-ninth inexplicable hunt -- Zhang Yangang foot run , ! Suddenly a strange sound with killing tone .
Suddenly from behind ,at the same time ,a sharp break space sound ,with an unbelievable speed ,lightning to nullify his behind . Not good !! Zhuge, I heard a voice, binocular pupil and a condensate passage Coach Shoes,a not good ,without thinking, Xu lady sword to break strikes to Zhang Yan from the shadows to mase .
Disease !! In this SEO lady sword flew out at the same time ,a blood red spells appear in brother Zhuge fingers .Foot also without any pause ,just dance ,flip over to . Oh ! A red dragon from the character the paper turned out ,toward the front of the man in black .
Bang clang !! Surprisingly ,the attack to the Zhang Yan shadow seemed very tough ,previously mase and Mrs. Xu sword in a collision ,is life of the return ,but fortunately the shadows were also hit by shadow surface ,black fog dispersed, a dark lupin uncovered reveal the mysterious veil .
Collection ! Senior Zhuge turned slightly changed, her hair was automatic ,madcap dancing together ,in vivo Reiki crazy running again ,just jump hands hold the handle Chanel Bags,a psychic with lightning speed into Mrs Coach Backpacks Bags Outlet Sale.
Xu sword inside . ! Senior Zhuge brow pick ,all of a sudden ,a long long Jianwang entrained black ink flame straight wedge to the man in black .Behind the flash ,brother Zhuge, and a black man is hit unexpectedly hot ,a time of neck .
While Zhuge brothers for several seconds ,Zhang Yan Yu forest operation to rush ,along the way, Zhang Yan often turned, was aware that there is a man in black tightly with in their own behind, but Zhang Yan is not accidental ,do not worry, it is not unexpected ,the operation of four layer repair if not overtake the operation of the two layer that is really strange .
Want to kill the ?Zhang Yan corners of the mouth a little scorn smile ,he is in the vicinity of pocket a few laps left the operation of nine layer ,estimation of immortal read available limit ,came to a he also does not know what is the place of small valley ,near the rocky ,rugged ,like a natural labyrinth .
Stop ,Zhang Yan wire kill ,hands are made from shield ,not into the earth .Do everything ,Zhang Yan took out the piece of Lingshi restored aura ,while closely Listen to the head .
Subsequently the black friars ,was left to Zhang Yan with close .Zhang Yan tried to feel faint gas four layer distributed power ,after determining the flash to the hands ,eyes ,the Dragon Yuanjian lost a psychic powers .
Laugh Jianwang instant drama, originally spacious valley, the smell of a white sword figure ,Zhang Yan expression of indifference ,see his sword ,a turn, a hidden unlimited the feet long golden Jianwang ,just react to support green shield and hit the man in black .
See Zhang long golden Jianwang hit, the man in black is startled, and a swing to the right foot wind . Bang ring behind the stones hit a smash , is that you ,the Holy Spirit root .
.. ! Black saw Zhang Yan exclaimed .Thereupon face murderous show Coach Madison, red flashing eyes ,a number of basin size fireball ,coming to Zhang Yan .Zhang Yanling hand grip dragon Yuanjian , Shua a long sword mount directly through a fireball ,to the man in black to shoot , sting Jianwang through the man in black hood hit the man in black hand Shangpin Faqi Xuan Yang ruler ,leaving behind a needle long slit spirit the man in black a surprised face at the same time a hi, waving Xuan Yang ruler to Zhang Yanji, Zhang Long Xuan Yang ruler ghost floating in the head of Zhang Yan ,hard pressed down to .
A Yanlai not avoid ,across the hood shoulder got a hit, was only five churning out blood ,a blood .In spite of many ,Zhang Yan casually thrown several senior Zhuge to spell ,but quickly falls back , Chi and a shadow shield and rubbing feet .
Zhang Yan hurried to the right one poof ruler with psychic shield collided, tearing away, but after a moment he glanced ,hit the ground ,leaving a trail of feet long crack ,stones around to mase out .
Thinking about, Zhang Yan no longer hesitate ,mobilization of body psychic powers to star sword loses ,throw in a few Jianwang ,but pulled out Tengyun character ,immediately to the east to valley .
Escape the man in black face and black ,who go after him ,two people one behind the other in the Valley runs ,with countless birds .Fly away while Zhang Yan holds the Dragon Yuanjian ,hands move together ,even following a string of shadowless sword ,like violent storm ,as in the young people off, leaving only the end air Lost Sword cuts ghost .
At the same time Zhang Yan turned to behind the mountain wind .But Zhang Yan wants to borrow the woods is to kill the man in black . Swish black werewolf .Escape a line passing Jianwang ,looked at Zhang Yanpiao in the valley ,a foot chase in rapid .
Into the deep valley woods Zhang Yan quickly seven to 8 abduct to deep in my hammer, often turned out one or two Jianwang . He once again to avoid immediate direct from the Jianwang ,the man in black bronze mask are fast smoke, when the man in black to chase after Zhang Yan ,there are one or two Jianwang direct and come Canada Goose Buy, let it give away ,this makes the man in black to freak out .
But in front of Zhang Yan gallop away but suffer unspeakably ,in vivo Reiki has exhausted ,Zhang Yanyi held the pieces of Lingshi ,on an old tree ,and vigilance look behind .Suddenly, Zhang Yan brain wave ,lying on the ground fumbled ,then frown Shu opened ,replace sb.
Is calm look .A film storage bag ,a few pieces of Xuanlei character was Zhang Yan out ,to conform to a celestial being enclosed read smoothly ,Zhang Yan put the black thunder Fu hid in the small tree soil cave .
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