Song Mian explained to Kobayashi Kobayashi

October 25 [Tue], 2016, 22:21
In the wild, Song Mian explained to Kobayashi Kobayashi is their own informant, but the rouge in the back of the Song Mian Song Mian found himself in the gun, had to shoot to the Song Mian. However, Song Mian fell and stood up, Wan Zhichao also suddenly appeared, the original gun is false, all this is a test of rouge, as is the church rouge spy world is how dangerous, anyone Is the letter. Wan Zhichao told Song
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Croc Wedge Sneakers In Black Mian Although the last time they sent the task of the password failed to complete, but his long secret arrangements for another team of troops sent the password to the French Concession. Song Mian very angry but did not attack. Manna's actions against Kim Shin Bank began. Manna first arranged to throw a bomb to the bank to Jinxin bank money was wounded, then she is spreading rumors that the people think that blue Changming to escape the enemy money to leave Shanghai. Soon, Kim Shin Bank's cash has been raised, and the public is not a cash on the demolition of the posture of Kim Shin Bank. Manna gave a greedy Chen Jiaren set up a
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Zip Leahter Sneakers In White bureau, ahead of a large number of counterfeit money hidden in the he is preparing to plunder a pawn shop. Chen Jialun, such as about to the accident to find counterfeit money after the possession of the warehouse, Manna, who suddenly appeared and sent Chen Jialong to counterfeit banknotes tried to send Jinxin bank vault. Chen Jialong had to cut off the central bank to support the gold letter bank's armored car, to check the name of the real money into a fake note.

Zhou Yuhao would like to single-handedly rescued the blue long-Ming. He applied to the Li Jie sniper rifle and nitroglycerine, so Li Jie in the hospital inside the nitroglycerin mixed with soap hidden in
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Metallic High Top Sneakers White Black the bathroom, the information on their own carved on the bullet, with a sniper rifle into the blue room , Was successfully received. Wan Zhichao in the face, his rouge issued the task is to sneak into the Enji Hospital, told the blue Changming Cao Jingli Bank of Antiques on the essence of the bank's printing press and printing plate, and try to printing machine And plate retrieval. Song Mian do not know the inside feeling the task is too dangerous, slightly dissatisfied. Blue Chang Ming excuse rubbing into the bathroom. At the same time, rouge disguised as a car accident seriously injured woman also smoothly into the hospital, get the help of Lin Tianmu, but also in Manna came disguised as a
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes Suede Ankle Buckle Bottes Noir doctor before, but do not want to be Zhang Xiang see through, only gun confrontation. Blue Chang-ming in the bathroom to find a soap bomb, successfully blown through the wall with a bomb, the explosion took the opportunity to kill the rouge Zhang Xiang. All the guards went to chase the blue Chang Ming, Zhou Yuhao also mixed with them to pretend
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Leather Studded Sneakers Black to grasp the blue long look. Seeing the blue long to be caught, the distant Song Mian with a sniper shot killed a lot of Mana men. But the blue long Ming or Manna to seize. Manna to determine the hospital there are enemies, with people rushed into it. Rouge pretend the patient lying on a stretcher to escape the hospital, because the smell of perfume was Manna see through, but Manna mistakenly think that rouge is the nurse and was rouge nurse
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti High Top Buckle Leather Sneakers In Black fled.