the implementation oakley flak jacket xlj sunglasses standard

February 01 [Wed], 2012, 12:09
Government's primary interest is studies the profession and the market, then carries on the standard, the instruction, the inspection, the surveillance, is mainly through the formulation, the implementation oakley flak jacket xlj sunglasses standard, the standard, the rules and regulations, the laws and regulations, the law, does The profession, the market, the social need does, but the enterprise, other Social organization could not do matter. Therefore, the government harmonious cooperation can be important. In the future the association not only will be carries out the standard and the stipulation, but will be must formulate the guild regulations, the standard, the standard. Sends in the impetus automobile traveling Unfolds the aspect, the government harmonious cooperation meeting goal and the duty basic same, but works way, method, key different.
The government is the determination basic principle, the goal, the standard, the standard, the organization, coordinated, the mobilization traveling profession with the social parties concerned, promotes the automobile traveling the health Kang, fast development. The association is undertakes coordinated, duties and so on communication, instruction, promotion, through the development investigation and study, proposed that ways and so on countermeasure suggestion, transmission related information, promote the automobile traveling the development.Fourth, automobile traveling development conditionThe automobile traveling development's condition may induce the foundation, the demand and supplies three aspects. The automotive industry and highway transportation's oakley flak jacket development is the automobile traveling development foundationDoes not have the automobile and the road, does not have the road service transportation, is also far from the automobile traveling, therefore, the automotive industry and highway transportation's production is the automobile traveling development most basic requirement. Moreover, automotive industry and highway transportation's development, but also for automobile traveling The development provides is getting better and better, more and more specialized hardware condition, is mainly each type automobile traveling special purpose vehicle production and the path construction. The traveling demand's production and the expansion are the automobile traveling development basic powers
The automobile production was starts from the 20th century initial period, but automobile traveling, even if in developed country,oakley flak jacket sunglasses also will be later only then gradually develops at the World War II, only then just started at present in the general developing countries.
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